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Hello! Welcome to Dungeon Tours Ltd. community, where you can share your thoughts and questions and hilarious stories from your DTL games.

We are currently in Open Beta, so if you want to try it for yourself, fill out a sign up sheet here!

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Now that the playtest is finished... Maybe we could share everyone impressions on DTL

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Anyone tried to write me adventures? I tried and it was fun, when the PCs need to create a "Dungeon" for fertility and love ritual...

Had a chance to run the Fitzroy adventure on saturday for 3 players, I'm just not sure how long it will take me to write up the adventure.

Just wondering about the feedback, do you want them inserted in the document or as a seperate document?

I'm a great fan of the "powered by the apocalypse" playbooks, just wondering if anyone has thought of splitting some of the content (jobs, characters, important rules, ...) into 2-4 page "playbooks"?

Jobs could be like dime novels with the name of the job as the cover and maybe a picture of the mark as the back cover (to present to the players when standing open on the table) with the relevant info (mark, requirements, pet peeves, hidden talents, special setbacks, cynic) in the interior pages for the gm to quickly reference.

If I want to talk about DTL playtest in my blog

(a) Can I use the cover artwork in the post?
(b) how much I can talk about the rules?

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Found an error in Beta Document.

Throk the Brute has Quick as either +2 and +1, but no Sneaky.
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