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MOMLA Rules for now and more to follow when time arrives...

A word from the administration
Good Day Dear Members
We truly appreciate your participation .....
We are about to form the rules and regulations of the community.
1.Please be advised to chose your best work and post it to the fitting category.If you post in a wrong category your post will not be accepted.
2.We are going to have featured artist of the week every week after we form our director's committee.Those artists who will have 10 pieces featured will get a promotion and become a VIP member of the Museum and will get a written recognition Certificate from the administration and will enter to the permanent collection of the Museum.
3.VIP Members will automatically become board members of the museum.
4.How will the winners be determined.Those who receive the most comments about their work from a theoretical and professional angle and those who have an artist statement about their work.
5.Nomination for a featured artist will be given by fellow artists which will also play a big role to be chosen as a featured artist.
We cannot nominate our own self....Show your appreciation towards your fellow artists by nominating them.....
Any suggestions will be consulted by the Museum Administration 
and included in the rules and regulations if passed by the board members approval.
6.After having Ten VIP Members we will then announce a Fundrazr  through or other agencies to have a show with the participation of the ten winning artists.

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MarHak Fine Art

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Mountain Road, Portaferry, Co. Down.
A recent drive, with my wife and grandchildren, through the idyllic countryside of County Down led us to discovering this hidden gem of ‘Beauty in Decay’.

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When my wife bought some coloured drinking straws today I immediately saw the potential for a macro photographic opportunity.

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Deep Fissures

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Create a Face

Create a Face that Looks like me
Unveiled with awe, the Crowd to see
Shape the fingers proudly grasping,
Curve the mouth wry questions asking

Touch the toes flexed tight & strong,
The torso curving wild & long.
The Pedestal on which it stands,
The doughy Clay of Children’s Hands.

This copy fine of bone & flesh is Twined & Joined
By Rope & Mesh
So...if, by chance, a Knot Unties..
The Plaster Falls..
The Image dies…

Aleta Copyright 2018

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Red - the colour at the end of the visible spectrum of light.

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"Gemini Me" - Aleta Wohl Artist
if there weren't TWO of me
where ONE should be
Eyes Lips Vulnerable to Tease
Mesmerize again; Magic, Please
i'd stand Smiling, Beguiling
i'd Try
Tears which Fall
my Mother's Painted Eye
Aleta Copyright 2018

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“Hey! I’m 4 today.“ Meet my little granddaughter, Molly.
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