Do LCD screens have a filter to block UV light out ?

just curious

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HEX Polymer EX 8300 resin, 12s/layer, 0.02mm layer height, print size reduce to 25%
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Ho ho ho all

Just a quick one, is this how I would link a logic shifter to my rpi and mosfet ??

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Hi All.

Inquiry for the group...

I’m curious how many people have had success building their own LED arrays?

Would anyone here be interested buying prefabbed arrays to make life easier?

If I were to build a finished kit for ppl to install would you prefer 465nm or 405nm?

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What do you think of this led array design? Printed in HTPla with 0.3mm layers. Sorry, i am a soldering noob..
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Is it normal or okay for the lcd to heat up from the LEDs?
I think my screen not working because every time I connect the USB for power and the hdmi, the computer crash and the give me blue screen error.
Any idea for a good screen that's been tested for 8.9" or is it better to buy the 5" one?

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Was in mood for some soldering today...

so I did a Version 2 of my raspberry pi nanodlp-shield:
Features now:
12 V DC in main power
12 V DC fan continously out
5 V DC hdmi display continously out
12 V DC UV-Led shutter controlled out (via GPIO 26)
I2C 1602 lcd display connector
tactile switch connector for print stop/shutdown (via GPIO 27)
z-endstop bottom switch connector (via GPIO 19)
z-endstop top switch connector (via GPIO 25)
stepper driver mount/connector
- stepper dir (via GPIO 22)
- stepper step (via GPIO 23)
- stepper enable (via GPIO 24)
"shutdown complete/ ready to power off" led indicator connector (via GPIO 14)

Enhancements to version 1
- 2nd z-endstop switch support
- "shutdown complete/ ready to power off" led indicator
- dipswitches instead of jumpers for setup of microstepping (and also better placement)
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Wich Gcode can i use to control LED DRIVER by a relay and RAMPS with marlin?

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Just another update on my FDM-printed SLA-printer:

Made a short youtube video about the Z-Gantry design.
Hope you enjoy it.

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Anyone have any idea, the wires coming from D9 to the mosfet are burning and the mosfet gave smoke every time I give it power .
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