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Hello!!! Welcome to unOrdianry roleplay! If you haven't already you should read the book on the Web Toons app. Anyways though rules are below. Along with an explanation and templates!

¤ Try not to make your Oc Op... Like too much power

¤ You can make your own character or choose a character from the book

¤ Only one person can be a story character a list is below

John- +Roleplay Master​​​​​​​​
Seraphina- +Elyza Floresca​​​​​​
Arlo- +
William- +
Remi- +Lizanna​​​
Blyke- +Lizanna
Isen- +Elyza Floresca​​​​​​
Elaine- +
Doc- +Torin Uchiha​​​​
And others...

¤ Turf wars will happen once in a while so be prepared to get picked...

¤ Please no hentai... Please...

¤ Swearing is allowed just don't get to out of hand

¤ If your playing as a book character try to act like how they do in the book

Other than those rules. I hope you guys have fun role-playing!!

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Name: Day Aantir
Age: 18
Type: Powered
Level: Varies, usualy a 5. When his secondary abilities activate, it increases depending on his situation. the highest he's ever gone was a 9.3, and that was one of the only times he got very desperate.
Stats: Varies.The more desperate he is, the higher these stats rise, only if he's using his power in defense of others.
(This is out of what? like, 4 out of 10, or... Pls help, I might change some stuff)
Defense: 4
Power: 5
Trick: 1
Recovery: 5
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Powers: Soulbond, Healing, Physical enhancement (Personal)

Abilities: Day uses an ability called Soulbond, which allows him to link his energy to that of another. The applications of this bond are many, the most notable being the ability to ward them from death. Day also has the capacity to transfer pain from these people into himself, as well as discern their general location in times of need, so he travels often looking for people who need him. When he needs to fight to protect someone, his other abilities activate. He becomes stronger and faster, and gains the ability to move around the battle field using small dashes at light speed. These powers can only be activated in the defense of others. When they are activated, a sword made of golden light materializes in his hand, and a golden circlet appears around his head.

Appearance: He looks alot like John (tousled hair, no gel), but his eyes are a clear blue. When his before mentioned secondary powers kick in, they become gold. Couldn't find another picture, so picture John, a titch older, with clear blue eyes.
In addition, as a result of having dozens, if not hundreds of Soulbonds active, he's got legendary mental and physical fortitude and pain resistance.

Bio: He grew up on the streets, of major cities, doing what he could to protect the other urchins he called friends. After fighting many many gangs, he learned to protect himself. As he matured, he grew into his calling to protect the weak, and began to see the injustice of the social caste system. When the book 'Unordinary' came out, he was proud that someone had the courage to stand up.

Personality: Chipper and upbeat, He's always ready with a smile. He treats those below him as equals, and those above... well it depends. If the person in power is kind, he pays them the respect they deserve. If they're cruel and use their power to oppress others, he'll straight up discredit them. To these types of people, he's possibly one of the greatest irritations they face. He's sassy, powerful, and unflinchingly loyal to his friends. Rumors fly about him everywhere he goes, but he really doesn't care. He actually enjoys defying the caste system, and hopes he can inspire others to do the same.

(Any thoughts, changes I should make? Please feel free to tell me, and thanks for actually reading this. Good on you :)

(This is the circlet that appears whenever he uses his secondary powers.)
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I'm so sorry that I've basically been dead for the past two weeks....anyone wanna rp?

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Name- "Im Angle Vanderbilt"
Age- "17"
Type- "Powered"
Level- "My level is 7"
Stats- "Umm I dont think Ima tell"
Gender- "I am Female DUH!"
Sexuality- "Im Bisexual"
Powers- "Copy cat"
Abilities- CopyCat= You may copy anyones attack in 24 hours that will wear off and you will no longer be able to use his/her power. The downside to it is that in that 24 hours you can only use that persons ability
Others- She hates fire so she doesn't even get close to it or want to smell it
Bio- She has always loved to help people like Jason He always gets bullied because he is a cripple I hate it when people do that because he gets horrible bruises and scars but I try my best to help him not get hurt.
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Anyone want to RP with Ruby?

I'll start if you want me to..

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Anyone want to rp with Elyza (Cuz I'm bored XD)



So on one of the Bonus Episodes, uru-chan showed the top 10 most powerful people in the school and it was like
1) Sera
2) ???
3) Arlo

I think John's number 2
cuz he beat the crap outta arlo
But we don't know about sera

Though personally, I hope he has an ability level of 10, that would be great

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Name -Remi
Age -17(Idk her real age)
Type- Powered
Others- Remi is the current Queen of Wellston and her ability Lightning, allows her to manipulate electricity. She also appears to be able to detect electrical currents and can run fast enough to catch up to a motorcycle
Bio- Remi is a girl in Wellston school and she has the abilities to manipulate electricity. She uses it to run too. Her brother was Rei. One of the 3 people that are looked up to in Wellston high. But EMBER eventually got him. Now she's sad. But she still lives on at Wellston. She has somewhat become friends with Blyke and Isen

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Student Template
Name: Seraphina
Age: Um like 17?
Type: God-Tier
Level: 8
Gender: Female
Sexuality: ...Straight
Powers: Can Control Time
Abilities: "Time Manipulation"
Others: .......Uh...?
Bio: She grew up having to be perfect, since she had great powers so she made perfect grades and was Queen at Wellston
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