Oh God its a horror show

in rp im just Phoenix Wright

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Name: Muse Faire
Gender: Female
Apperance: Red hairs, Blue Eyes, and a star earing
Mentor: Athena Cykes
Attorney: Defend
Bio: She was inspire from her mentor defending her friend Ms Wood. THis fill her with determination and she ace the lawyer school and become Athena apprentice.
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Name: Mark Edgeworth
Gender: Male
Attorney: Prosecutor
Mentor: Miles Edgeworth
Bio: A law school student who had manage to outsmart and outclass almost any defense Attorney (including Apollo) and was the court most feared. Even so, he is not much of a show off as jis motive is to know the truth and he believe there is the most challenging case and the most challenging defender who he will face...someday

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ace Attorney Roleplay. This is where if you have play the Ace Attorney is where you get to roleplay as those character along with any OC you have.
The rules are:
You need a Profile, I don't care OC or Canon is ok. You need to be approved by me.
No Op. The power must be related to the law, and also no immediately know the murderer power.
No bully or you are forbid from the court. For a week.
If you want any prosecutor to be dead for a case, then you must ask the owner of the prosecutor character. And for most of that role play you are unavailable because you are dead
If you want to come back in that roleplay, you need to burrow a spirit medium body because you are a ghost.
The roleplay can taken place at anytime in modern era.
And with all the laws Out of the Way.
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