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Happy New Year!

So you will be glad to know that we have been doing some actual work! As part of this we are published the Settings document for you to look over.

If you have any comments, questions etc please post them on our facebook post (https://www.facebook.com/groups/norestlarp/) or email Kat and James at kreid318@gmail.com and jdmoody@gmail.com.


We shall be posting further information as the chapters of the document are ready.

Happy reading!

Hello all,

I am afraid that due to low booking numbers (including people who have committed to attend but who cannot book at this time) and the resulting financial loss that neither Conflict Resolution nor myself can afford to bear, we are going to have to cancel Where Angels Fear to Tread, our event taking place next week from the 15th to the 18th of December.

I am very sorry about this, particularly so late in the day, but due to the slow booking update I had to give things as much burn time as I could, I do not take the decision lightly - it's the only event we've had to cancel, it's my baby and it's intended to be our finale. But sanity must prevail in this instance - we're not close to breaking even and the numbers we have won't support the event we'd like to run.

Why did this happen?

I'll be honest, I'm not going to go into a breakdown as to why in public. But a summary would be 'just before Christmas is a bad time for an event'. Lesson learned.

What does this mean?

This does not mean the event will not go ahead sometime - the Season 2 staff have kindly offered me Slot 1 next year, but unfortunately Richard is at a wedding that weekend. As a consequence we will be investigating available dates for the site and the available refs and I will then post a poll so we can get an idea of numbers.

People who have booked tickets are entitled to a full refund, which we will process as soon as we can (it's not as simple as clicking a button). Alternatively, you can keep hold of the tickets and transfer them to when the event does run.

People who have made pre-existing travel arrangements with sunk costs (train tickets etc) they cannot cancel at this point should get in touch with me personally, and I'll arrange to meet your costs as far as we can - this will take place after refunds have been issued for obvious reasons. If possible we'll refund all sunk costs, but I have no idea what those costs may be. You will be required to provide proof of these prior arrangements - I trust you all, but this is a company I'm running and I need to evidence I've been responsible with our funds.

People who have annual leave you can't unbook - sorry, can't help with that. But I'm happy to meet up and do something social instead so it's not wasted, if your in Scotland.

Downtimes will... we're not sure. We're going to hold onto them for longer than intended so we can polish them up, then once we've got dates we'll schedule a release for them. If we release early, the pre-game hype effect will fade.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you at the next event. Or sooner!

Rob, Director - Conflict Resolution LRP
(This seems to have been the year for writing messages like this. Sorry!)

Good...Morning all.

Downtimes have now been completed and are out.

For those of you waiting on the trip to Terra, this will be added shortly as Matthew McCaul is putting the final touches to the epic he has composed.

All trades are fine unless your downtime says otherwise.

All XP sends are fine unless your downtime says otherwise.

For those holding off on XP spends due to visiting Terra, please email me your spends before 15:00 today.

If you are missing correspondence or have queries please email them across and I will endeavour to answer them on the journey up.

Be seeing you soon,

Lead Storyteller

Good afternoon all,

If you have the correspondence trait for Arkangel please see me (Jamie) before the game.

If you have this trait and will not be present at this game, please email the ST account.

Good evening,

We (the undersigned) have a somewhat more lengthly message to convey to the community, which I (Rob) am delivering. Please bear with us and read through the whole thing (particularly to the undersigned bit, or you know, just skip down and back up).

There have been a number of reactions and numerous rumours since the three individuals (myself, Richard & Jamie) forming the committee for Conflict Resolution / No Rest for the Wicked asked Yoda to step down as Secretary and not involve himself in event running. This message is an attempt to clear as many of them up as possible and reassure as many of you as possible. What we all will say is that we've no desire for our private issues to be dragged in front of everyone, so while this is a complete a disclosure as we can offer, we have avoided talking about some things.

Firstly - the three of us did ask Yoda to step down, an offer which he accepted, but an offer which clearly is backed by the 'or else' clause. We did so based not solely on recent events, but also numerous prior complaints we have recieved and, for numerous reasons, not acted properly upon. We (the three of us) would like to apologise to those individuals for not acting upon them. After discussion with Yoda, we've agreed the contents of those intentions etc and our discussions prior to this event (and during it) will remain personal to the four of us.

Far more importantly however, we acted in error when not only asked Yoda to step down from volunteering but also the manner in which the conversation was had. We apologise unreservedly to Yoda for both our actions and the harm done to him as consequence of our actions, it was unprofessional, regardless of the intentions behind it.

We (the three of us) acknowledge that this was also poor timing from the point of view of the community and wish to offer our apologies for the stress, doubt and anxiety caused. We cannot take back actions done, but we will review our approach for next time.

I (Rob) have since spoken to Yoda at some length on a personal level and on a professional level and we (all four of us) have come to the following agreement:

* Yoda will continue to step down from acting as Secretary to Conflict Resolution, which accords with his desire and ours and will no longer be speaking for the company in a formal fashion from this date onwards (except as regards his position as a volunteer, where he has our full confidence and backing). He will still be an owner of the company. This does represent both his wishes and a formal sanction regards some of his comments and actions on the internet and in persons to individuals. Those matters are now closed, as far as we are all concerned.

* Yoda will be continuing as a volunteer with the company, both for this event and hopefully for Hera 2 and as a consequence will be lead event ST for this event and I will be assisting. After discussion with Yoda and at his request he and I will be sharing final authority on decisions at this event, we both think it's better and easier on our mental states this way. We would like to thank him for doing this - we understand how hard his decision was.

* Genuinely, without falsehood or reservation, all three of us would like to thank Yoda for his hard work, dedication and passion over the lifetime of the game. There is so much that literally might not have happened without him we cannot list it. These are not platitudes, they are our heartfelt thanks - irrespective of other actions. We would also like to praise him beyond my ability to form text for his professionalism over the last twenty four hours - Yoda, your actions are a credit to you I will not soon forget.

* We would like to thank Evgeny, Fraser and Andy for their hard work over the last twenty four hours, without them much of this would not be possible. We apologise for making your lives more difficult.

* We'd also like to thank numerous people for their well thought out feedback and their offers of help.

We (all four of us) hope this helps answer questions and settle moods, we understand that some of you may continue to have questions and we will do our best to answer those privately - but barring exceptional circumstances this is the only public statement we're going to make on the matter. This has been extremely difficult for all four of us and has lead to a lot of unplesant feelings and we would very much like to draw a line under this matter and would ask you all to assist us in doing so.

Finally, we hope to see those of you who have booked crew or player tickets at the game and are very much looking forward to making this a climatic event for our LARP in more ways that just the OOC drama.

See you there!

Rob Collins, Director: Conflict Resolution
Richard Partridge-Hicks, Director: Conflict Resolution
Yoda, Owner: Conflict Resolution & Event Storyteller 'Heroes Rush In'
Jamie Smith, Lead Storyteller: No Rest for the Wicked.

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Well, this is a weighty document but here's the player briefing for the fourteenth No Rest for the Wicked event, Heroes Rush In.

Not only is it the fourteenth event and the penultimate event in Season One, but it's recently been pointed out to me that it happening on the fifth anniversary of our first event, In For a Titan. It's been a hell of a journey and I'm glad to have been able to take it with you.

- Yoda

_Player Briefing
_Player Briefing

Before I get inundated with people being helpful, the website is down.

Apparently, the server has been sending out spam messages and so they've suspended our account as of 3am this morning. They're investigating the issue now.

As we don't send email from the server, I'm not sure what the root issue is going to be here, but there is literally nothing I can do.

Sending messages telling me the server is down is not going to mean I can somehow make it work. It'll be back up when it's back up and I have no ETA on when that will be.

Thank you for your patience,


Hi all,

I'm on the No Rest Season 2 team as the cold, heartless administrator.

One of my key focuses to start off with is going to be sorting out the trade and downtime system.

These are some of my initial thoughts. Nothing is set in stone yet, and I'm looking for people to take part in some playtesting exercises to check some of my underlying maths. Please drop me a note if you're interested!

Equipment and Game Economy:

As mentioned in James' initial post, basic equipment and cash are negligible for Rogue Traders. Most equipment will simply not be limited.

Favours are a more relevant currency. The refs will be centrally tracking notable equipment and items so players don't have to maintain extensive spreadsheets unless they really want to.

In practice:
Arkangel will have a currency based on markers, or "marks", for those who've contributed to the support of the station in a significant way.

Most goods will not take up 'storage space' or not, but each crew will have a limited capacity for 'bulky' items, for when you decide to
relocate the population of a planet, steal a mountain of rare metals, or decide you want an ocean to keep a sea monster in.

Notable items will be described by keywords. This means that something could be used as a trade good, a macguffin to help solve a plot, or potentially as a resource for certain skills or abilities.

Downtime System

The key design principle here is to make it easy to use and easy to administrate. The main focus is on uptime, but there are activities better suited to downtime activity, and it gives a sense of continuity to have some things that characters were doing between games.

In practice:
I found this easier to write with example numbers in rather than in abstract, so please understand this is a starting point for playtesting.

Each crew has an action. It is set by the captain, and determines it's success based on the number of characters involved.

Each character also has a personal action. They get to decide what to do with it.
Character types, skills or affiliations may give them Keywords for the downtime system.

Things To Do are presented to the characters and crews each downtime.

Crew things to do are separate from Player things to do. There is no failure, just reduced results.

Some actions may only be doable with a keyword (a warrant may allow you to engaged in the Sanctioned Xenos Items trade, or being
Mechanicus may allow you to do some actions on a Forge World).

Some crew actions may get a bonus if you have a crew member with a particular keyword (be that being an archaeologue, having a particular skill, or having a particular crew type, like being under a warrant).

You get a paragraph of description as to what each option is. If you do the thing, you get a paragraph of response back.


Trade is an optional sub game where you can exchange items you have for other things - either "Marks" from Arkangel, or other trade goods.
Markets will change over time as planets are affected by warp storms and other issues. Some markets will also be limited to certain character types or those who've earned the right to use a market through game action.

In practice:
In uptime, clerks from Arkangel will be available to facilitate the trade of bulkier goods that you are not carrying on your person. All parties to a trade will submit trade instructions, which the clerks will verify, then submit instructions to the heavy lifters and port authorities to process the moving of goods. Characters will then receive a confirmation of the trade after a length of time has passed.

Clerks can also be asked to have things transported up to a hold, or brought down from a hold. This takes a little time, and some events may have limitations on this if the situation is particularly hostile.

Each downtime, you'll be given a list of markets in which things can be sold, and a list of what you have available to trade (based on what you checked in at the end of last game).

Trade between PCs can still happen, much in the same way as at an event, but processed electronically, submitting to the "clerk" NPCs.

There is no real cash equivalent. The closest thing to this is the Arkangel "Mark" which is the notification of a notable favour from the
administration of Arkangel.

The trade system is not intended to provide an opportunity for "profit" as such. It is more an opportunity to swap out goods which won't be of much use to you in uptime, and gain goods that will be of use.

People who are good at maths will be able to gain a bit of an edge on the trading front - but not a huge one. In the same way that people
who are good at combat hard skill will do well in combat encounters, this is a feature and not a bug. The important thing here is that this edge is not a huge one - not engaging or going for obvious simple trades will not be massively disadvantageous.


My next step with this is using a draft, non final system to check some of these concepts with a group of human playtesters.

If you're interested in play testing in the form of a little play by mail mini game, please let me know.

Shiver Loot!

I'm not going to get the divvying up done before the downtime deadline, as I need to actually get my crew's downtimes in. So, I've arranged to sell all the trade goods with the intention to sort out the allocation of Things after the downtime deadline.

If you want to save some trade goods from being sold for cash for whatever reason, please shout on the IC thread in the next twenty four hours or so.

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[No Rest] I’d been hoping to get the HASEP loot list sorted out tonight, but there’s still a lot of people I’ve not heard anything from on the new thread about what they would like.

If your name is below, I’ve not heard from you, and you’ll just default to split of the WU or currency, and there’s a lot of shiny things still on there.


Thread is here:

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