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This is my documents if u have any vacancies for Shefcook plz contact me and I make western corenter food and south Asian Arabic and English and lots of food I make so plz contact me in my number +966557343218 and my email
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Hi every one I am mozzammelahmed from Riyadh I need a job for Sheff cook I have lots of experience in cooking feild and I have 15 years of experience in gulf middle east in Riyadh so plzzzz contact me in my number +966557343218

We are Hiring!!!


THE Commision PLAN


Pay periods fall on the 1st and 15th of every month.


$ 30.00 per completed installation for first 90 days increasing to $40.00 after. 

Direct TV,AT&T, Century Link Pay Scale
$50.00 per account activation  1-3

$100.00 per account activation 4-6

$120.00 per account 7+ Direct TV Accounts activation thereafter.


Every 20 accounts closed in a month (30 day period) is an extra $500.00 Bonus

Free DIRECTV Premium after first 20 sales .

Minimum of 5 sales a month to keep the Free DIRECTV Premium . (valued at $99.99 monthly)


Merchant Services Account Pay Scale

$50 per every processing merchant processing account without equipment lease or sale.

$200 to $1500 per every merchant equipment lease


Every 20 accounts closed in a month (30 day period) is an extra $2000.00 Bonus

First $50,000 /50k in total commission within a 12 months period, you begin to earn a

monthly $500.00 lifestyle payment towards a mortgage/rent or car .


$80,000 in commission within a consecutive 12 months will result in a total of $1000.00

Life style payment. A minimum of 20 sales a month is required to maintain all life style payments.


Week constitutes a consecutive 5 days period. The opportunity to receive $100 bonus per new account resets every week, therefore you will receive a bonus every week once you have met 7 merchant account activation rules


1. Sign and return all paperwork to and

2. Regiester and create profile for company’s intranet account at 

3. Login to company’s intranet click on cloud to select training, marketing and other important information.

4. Select one or all of the products and services we have to offer to generate first sale!!!


Al Edwards 

Vice President of Sales 



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