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Check out the video we made to promote the Disruptive Innovation Festival. The DIF launches in November this year, and runs for three weeks. You can sign up to receive updates at and you can even register to speak at the DIF if you want!

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Join the line up for the 2017 Disruptive Innovation Festival!

Open sessions are a fantastic opportunity to share an idea or talk about a topic that you're passionate about on a global stage.

This year's themes are: 21st Century Economics, Age of Automation and Future of Design.

Call for speakers is now open, find out more and apply to speak at

Any questions, please do comment below. 

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Back in June, we held our annual Summit in London. We live streamed a host of great speakers from the stage, and now we're pleased to tell you that the recordings are available to watch online.

My highlights:

- the first three speakers talking about mindsets and education
- Tim Brown bringing up design issues
- Patrick Holden expressing his view on how agriculture needs to shift
- Jonathan Ledgard's drone port vision
- Ken Webster and Douglas Rushkoff bringing money into the mix

Click on the link below and you can access them all!

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Have you tried out our Circular Design Guide? In what kinds of contexts (class, project, external workshop, etc) and with how many people? What were your experiences? Which methods resonated most? What kind of impact did the guide have on your work?

Let us know here, or tell the Circular Design Guide LinkedIn group where this message was originally posted. (the link is below)

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We have just updated our resource map for Higher Education. Is there anything you would add to the map? Let us know!

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Imagine converting all organic waste into oil that could be used in soaps, detergents and cosmetics. Carbocycle are on it...


Could anyone share an article relating Circular Economy and Share economy. I would like to similarities and differences.

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Check out the winners of this circular economy competition run last week in Michigan, USA. The winning team of the Wege Prize had a neat idea about dealing with food waste.

The competition is open to undergraduates and graduates, and may well open up to high school students next year. Find out more about how you or your students could get involved at

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Calling for designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and academics to create a plastics system that works...

On Thursday evening the New Plastics Economy $2 million Innovation Prize was launched. The Prize is composed of two parallel challenges; a Circular Design Challenge and a Circular Materials Challenge.

Could you find a solution to keep plastics in the economy and out of the ocean?

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