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Here's how you get the beta version

1. Go to 

2. Click the Become a Tester button to opt-in to the preview version of the app. The page confirms that you're a tester after clicking.

3. Click the Download Wear Aware from the Play Store link to go to Google Play Store download page to get the app.

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Wear Aware 1.0
Finally, we can happily announce the 1.0 version of Wear aware. The first version, while successful, was more of a trial. What we release now is more of a full feathered app. 

Over the past months we have received lots of feedback. Much of it around false positives, desire to turn alerts off, phone finder being tricky to access, default alarm issues etc. In this release we have taken all that into account, to make a solid app that you can count on.

What's new in Wear Aware 1.0:
- Total redesign of phone app
- Reduced false positives
- Added Different alert levels (High/Medium/Low)
- Possibility to set Phone finder alarm sound
- Options page available on left swipe on disconnect alert on watch
- Option: Snooze alerts for 1/4/8 hours
- Option: Trigger phone finder
- Phone finder: If not in reach, will trigger on reconnect
- Donations.. to motivate further development :)

Hope you will enjoy it, and as usual, we are dying to hear your feedback! 
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Just Added a new version that should take care of the micro disconnects that seems to happen during the day.

I.e. fewer false alerts.

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New and improved Wear Aware Launcher icon for 0.3.5

Wear aware 0.3.5 in beta
This version contains quite a few small changes:
- Phone finder alarm can be dismissed from phone 
- Phone finder "Out of range" displayed when Phone finder is started and phone is disconnected. 
- Fixed issue with Wear aware vibrations on watch on disconnect without visuals showing
- New look for launcher icon
- More animations (Now also in Phone finder)
Try it out and let us know what you guys think!  And last but not least, Thanks for your input so far! :) 

Animations for your delight!
I've been trying out some animations for the notification when the phone is lost. The first try is implemented in the 0.3.4 beta launched today. I am kind of new to these kinds of animations, so please check it out and let me know what you guys think? 

We just released a version that should stop the vibration if the watch is shutting down due to empty battery.

At least on Samsung Gear Live the vibration continues when the watch turns off. 
The problem is/was that it first disconnects the Bluetooth thus activating Wear Aware, and then quickly turns off and doesn't reset the vibrator module on its way down.

We can't reproduce this on the LG G Watch so please check if this fix works for you all.

Phone Finder in Wear Aware 0.3
Just say "OK Google, Start Phone Finder", and your phone will start trying to make you aware of it's whereabouts by playing an alarm signal. No more running around at home trying to find your phone in silence, or calling it from another phone to find it. ! :)
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