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Due to the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, it may be impossible for me to screen new applicants to this community. This community is constantly receiving requests to join from people who apparently are not users of Scrivener but have their own agendas which they want to promote.

Therefore due to not being able to collect information for screening purposes because of GDPR, I intend to reject all new requests to join until another method of screening applicants becomes available.

Can you please answer these two Scrivener questions?

1) Is it possible to search all Scrivener projects for a keyword (e.g. a character's name, etc.) in all folders/files at the same time with one search?

2) If yes, what is the Scrivener's Window command for this?

3) Is it necessary to keep all Scrivener's files/folders open when I do this?

How do you organize your novel series in Scrivener?

Is it better to have the series "bible" in another project and each book of the series in another project?

And if I do this, do I find data from the first book easily when I write on the second book in this series?

Evening everyone - I use Papers for Mac to collect all my scholarly articles that I reference throughout my dissertation. I know Scrivener integrates with Papers for citations. My question is, does it also create the references page as well? Meaning that if I cite a source does it also populate the full reference on the reference page in the binder??

Has anyone tried to use Scrivener on Ubuntu 18.04? I'm still on 16.04 but I heard there were problems with more recent versions. I normally update to the new LTS, but I don't want to lose Scrivener.

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Use the “grouping method” to organize your characters in Scrivener.

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A fun tutorial I wrote: Emoting with Emojis: Using emojis in your .@ScrivenerApp document titles to indicate story elements.
#Scrivener #emojis #storyelements #craft #amwriting

There are two recent posts in the community which were both stuck in a G plus filter for several days.

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Since you all have been so helpful…can anyone provide insight into why I hit my session targets but the overall word count for the project does not change. See pic

Ok…my next dissertation question: I draft in Scrivener then compile into an APA formatted document in MA Word for my adviser. The problem is, when she reviewed my work I anticipate she will do so using comments via track changes in Word (I don’t think I can get her to use Scrivener…). How can I create a workflow around this? I will want access to her comments and she will want to see how I addressed her comments. Is there any way to achieve our respective processes with Scrivener?
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