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Those who are NOT already members of this community who wish to join this community are asked to do two things. You must do both to join the community.

One, click the "Ask to Join" button. I cannot add you to the community if you do not click the "Ask toJoin" button.

Two, fill out this form:

When you click "Ask to Join" then Google will ask me to approve your request. I will look at the information which you submit in the form before approving your request to join.

(Please do not fill out this form if you are already a member. If you want to fill out a form as a member who desires to be helpful to other members, there is a link to that form in the about this community links.)

{{Added on November 5, 2016: If I am able to identify your legitimacy in some other way, I may approve your request accordingly.}}

For anyone who does not know how to send a private message. From either your profile page or your G+ home page, click the box where you would typically post something to Google Plus. In the "To" box delete any green or blue box that might appear (For example, get rid of the Public green box) then type my name into the "To" box. Look for the same profile picture which accompanies this message and click on that account. Google Plus will now show this message only to me and no one else. (except if you plussed someone else's name into the message or added an account, collection or circle to the "To" box)

This policy has been put in place because of an influx of G+ accounts which apparently are not relevant to this community.

Thanks for the I've stopped putting off writing, I like working with Scrivener, and want to learn more about it. I think I'm only scratching the surface right now.

I've created a new project in iOS on my iPad -- how can I transfer it to Dropbox, so I can work on it from other computers?

I'm writing a non-fiction book with Scrivener, and it meets most of my needs. However, a BIG missing capability is the lack of an ability to build an index. Clearly Scrivener already has a db underlying it, and I know there is already a global search function - so I would think that the search function could be run "after" a compile to update page-number references in a "table" that keeps index info.

Does anybody know if index-building is on the roadmap for Scrivener?

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I'm sure there is someone out there that is reluctant to buy Scrivener. So, as an incentive to get you to try Scrivener. For the remainder of March, all of April, and part of May you can use Scrivener for free.

If you are currently using the regular trial version of Scrivener, stop using that trial version and switch to this special trial as it will give you more time to test the program.

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For template collectors:

Earlier today, +Laura Ess shared a link to an article by +Gwen Hernandez in which Gwen explains how she made a Scrivener Template for the Story Genius method by Lisa Cron.

If you are a person who carefully reads instructions after receiving a new product then read Gwen's article. If you prefer to dive in blindly and then experiment, here is the link to Gwen's template.

Does anyone know if the ability to use <$img:ImageName> was included in the recent Windows updated?
It doesn't show up in a search of the manual, but I'm wondering if there another way to do this in the windows version.

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Windows doesn't seem to highlight the selected "compile level" as shown in this tutorial for Mac. Is there a setting for this or is it just not a feature for Windows users?

I'm trying to change the font in multiple texts to the default font. (Using Scrivener for Windows

I've set the default font in the Options dialogue.

I can change the font of a single text by going Document > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style but my Scrivener project is divided into multiple texts in multiple folders. If i select more than one text in the binder, then the "Formatting to Defautl Text Style" option is greyed out.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there another way to go about doing this?
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