Guys new here and i need ur help. Sorry for bothering but what is the role of memory in science? We can say that numerous experiments are done to get closer to the truth which means that memory is involved right? Because we know that previous experiments were wrong.

My claim is that knowledge should be based on obeservation of the world and my example is galileo's observations (astronomy/physics)

And i want to prove that other ways of knowing should have a role too

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AI - releasing the demon?
In 2012, a team at Google showed an unsupervised-learning machine millions of YouTube video images. The machine learned to categorise common things it saw, including human faces and (to the amusement of the internet’s denizens) the cats—sleeping, jumping or skateboarding—that are ubiquitous online. No human being had tagged the videos as containing “faces” or “cats”. Why did the machine?

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Here's a cute story, might be fun to share with students on how biases infuence expectations.

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Hi ToK'ers,
I was chatting with our Chinese language teacher about Zuckerberg's recent q&a in mandarin.  Some interesting questions came up as I watched these clips later.  

Zuckerberg seems to have come in from some scrutiny about his language ability but the audience reaction was very positive when he gave his talk.  One of the ToK questions we consider is:
Is the correct use of language (correct grammar/syntax/tone) a necessary or sufficient indicator of understanding?  It seems in the case of Zuckerberg that no, it is not.  He certainly wowed the audience even though one specialist pointed out his ability is equivalent to that of a 7 year old.  Nevertheless, context also needs to be considered and it is curious whether he would have been so well received by a different audience with a different agenda.

A completely different take is to consider whether English has reached it's global limit as the 'lingua franca' for commerce and business? Is the Chinese market to dense, entrenched, and large for some businesses to make an impact, particularly in the case of Facebook which has market restrictions upon it in China? A ToK question to consider here might be: How does a language (or dialect) become the dominant method for communication within/across communities?

Another dimension to Zuckerberg's display is to consider whether it is ever possible for a relative newcomer to understand and learn the emotional signifiers that are embedded within a language's complex linguistic structure, obviously, in Chinese the tonal nature creates barriers for foreigners.  Could Zuckerberg ever become totally fluent in these emotional signifiers?  He may become fluent in aspects of vocabulary and know a myriad of phrases but that is only part of the linguistic structure of Chinese.  ToK dimension: Are there neurological limitations to learning a language late in one's life?

Would be interested to hear from fellow ToK'ers.

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what is literature for... the arts!

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Is Math discovered or creatd... a great summary of the argument with some solid examples...

Anyone interested in organising a Google hangout to unpack the 2015 May prescribed titles?  Or at least begin a thread to discuss how to help the students address them?  We could also include tips/advice on using the new TOK forms.  They seem extremely vague and challenging, even by the standards of TOK essays!

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Interdisciplinary learning experiences are not a thing of the modern days.
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