thank you for accepting me as a member. i hope to go through my law dreams with you guys

So i borrowed a book from a public library. i returned it and the library is claiming that the book is damaged beyond repair. they r requesting for 275 dollars. i said okay give me the book back and i will pay you 275 dollars. the library said we tossed the book.... i am also claiming that :  A. the book is not damaged B. i have to see the book before i even pay any money...... So lawyers of my community pls give me ur  opinion. ooo this is happening in dfw texas...

Here in Brazil we never win a case against tobacco companies, now we are thinking in do a joint venture or partnership with a foreing law firm. The idea is we have the clients and the partner handle the case. Any coments?

I am honored to have been invited to this community.  Please follow me also on Twitter,@NYLibrarians.
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