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Traditional Wedding Or White Wedding?

Traditional wedding or church wedding also known as white wedding Which one is them is scriptural?
I was teaching some weeks back on marriage, i told my audience that marriage is valid as soon dowry is paid. The scriptures recognizes traditional marriage. I told them that a man is free to sleep with hi wife as soon as dowry is paid.
I told them that white wedding is not scriptural and it is not biblical doctrine but church doctrine. It is high time we stop keeping people in bondage through a church doctrine´╗┐

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Guys: How Would U Feel If Ur GF Tells U Ur Joystick Is Too Small

Hardly had I entered my room after today's service when I met my friend looking sad and dejected. He had earlier told me yesterday's evening that he would love to talk with me but I didn't give him attention because of the ceremony I attended yesterday.
My friend and I live in the same flat but different rooms. He lives in the next room to mine. We have been friends for four years now and I must say he is a good guy to be with.
So I called him to ask why the dull look on his face, couldn't believe what I heard. He started by saying "Charles, I am tired of my GF. What else does she want? I have done everything to please her but I don't think I can cope again. He turned around and looked into my eyes "you won't believe she told me that i have not being satisfying her sexually and that my dick is too small". To further proof what she said, he showed me the break up text he has composed that he he going to send it anytime soon. Was confused and distabilised when I heard it. But I had to manage the situation. I sat him down and gave him a guy to guy talk but really I feel sorry for the guy cos this statement from the lady dampened his morale even though the lady said it out of the love he has for him cos I don't think the lady is cheating on him.
Just want to ask the guys how they will feel if their girlfriends tell them their dick is too small. Is there anything wrong with this?
Ladies: Have you/ would you ever tell ur guy that his dick is too small and you have not being enjoying sex with him?
Sincere and matured comments please
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