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DataStage Online Training
DataStage is one of the main ETL products on the BI market. The tool confesses processing high volumes of the data and integration of the data over many systems. Datastage has a useful graphical frontend to designing jobs which manage transforming, validating, collecting and loading data from multiple sources, such as the enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, mainframes to the data warehouse systems, and Passport.

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Informatica Training Course
Informatics is a simple tool to use. It has got an easy observable interface like forms in visual basic. You must need to drop and drag different transformations and load and layout process flow for Data extraction transformation. This progress flow layout familiar as mappings. Once a mapping is made, it can be demanding to run as and when deserved. The Informatica server fetches the data from source, load it to the target systems/databases and transforming it.
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Microsoft Dynamics AX Online Training
Microsoft Dynamics AX has evolved into formidable ERP platform that is suitable for large and enterprise customers, with richer functionality and better scalability, however has come additional complexity. Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP business solution that combine core business functions across an supports industry-specific, organization and operational business processes, along with comprehensive, core ERP functionality human resources management and financial. It permits your organization to embrace change and anticipate so your business can develop.

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Cassandra Online Training
Cassandra originated at Facebook in 2007 to solve that company’s inbox search problem, in which they had to deal with large volumes of data in a way that was difficult to scale with traditional methods. Specifically, the team had requirements to handle huge volumes of data in the form of message copies, reverse indices of messages, and many random reads and many simultaneous random writes.
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