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Alright... So now I have to establish Owner and Mod Responsibilities.

1) oversee all community functions and report to me of something is out of place.
2) Enforce all rules at all times.
3) If another community offers you an alliance, come to ME before you accept so I may get the details!!
4) We are a neutral group of warriors, so do not start, finish, nor partake in any BS that comes from another community.
5) if someone declares war upon us, come to ME before doing anything else!
6) Please don't try to fix a problem you got yourself into somewhere else here.
7) I need to assign a proper liaison. So in the meantime, please don't do try to make any allies. The Gunpoint Empire is enough for now.

Failure to comply will result in demotion. This is an ultimatum that is long overdue.

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Hey guys I’m gonna start and asking and answer community for this new SQAUD! So feel free to join when it’s done!
The characters will be announced in that community!

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If you wish to join, go for it

Hey +Niko if you're still online. I need to know what the restrictions are when you promote me back to leader/owner or moderator

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"I see alot has happened in my absence..."
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Hey +Niko what are these teams that you mentioned?

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Luke is trying out his nano suit as a G.U.N soldier sees him
???: so that's the new nano suit
Luke: yes it is you are?
???: its alex
((open for all and +Niko))
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open rp for the protagonist

title: zeron’s secret/the start of a new giratina

after the team celebrated peace zeron’s secretly slipped away from them with something in his bag but thanks arcues and +Niko’s watchful eyes the 2 followed him to a secret cave where they watched him.

Zeron: pulls out a case with an egg that had a shiny giratina’s Colors and placed it down as the egg inside glows he lifts the case as it hatched into a small shiny baby giratina hello there little one

baby giratina: gira nuzzles zeron

Zeron: awe You need a name little fella I’ll call you platina do you like that name?

platina: gira nuzzles him to say yes

Zeron: time for you to meet your new family calls out his Pokemon everyone meet platina

Necrozma: “hello there little one”

Ariados: “Ariados”

Espeon: “espe”

Rhydon: “Rhydon”

Mangaton: “magna”

platina: “gira”

zeron: notices Niko and arcues watching him “you really need to stop spying on me you know that”

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Profile 1

Alan Sonian

Leads the Alpha team in the rebellion against Eggman

Gear: the Alston-90 blaster a silent sidearm and a small knife

Pet species: unknown

Age: 17

Gender: male

Bio: unknown

Profile 2


Leads Beta team in the rebellion against Eggman

Gear: the fire rifle mach 7

Pet species: sea serpent

Age: 16

Gender: male

Bio: when he was 10 his parents were in an accident one of Eggmans bots went out of control is what he was told but he never believed it because the bots been chasing him for 3 years until a kid his age had saved him from the bots at the age of 14 when Rex asked the mystery man what his name was the stranger replied with ""call me Alan" though Rex knows little to nothing about Alan he's stayed loyal and joined the Beta team in Alan's rebellion only to be promoted for his loyalty and courage to the cause

Profile 3


Leads Charlie team of the rebellion

Gear: an unknown blade he had when he joined and a hand gun with a diamond shaped family engraving on it

Pet species: Red panda

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Bio: his past is classified to even his own team what is known is he was a horrible criminal and that's why it's so classified and that he joined to make things right he was a failed experiment of Eggman and has powers of glitching invisibility and the ability to mimic any move he also has an adaptability so high he can adapt to any change what so ever

Last profile


Leads Delta team in the rebellion against Eggman

Gear: Explosive laser blasterk

Pet species: unknown

Age: 17

Gender: male

Bio: unknown
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Niko... Andrew saved all of us from darkness, and you're just going to demote him? I hope you're happy, because I'm one of the Peacekeepers that are leaving with the B team.
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