Do anyone take dbz oc request?

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Power level:
ring boost:767,000,00
max ring boost: 900,000,00
ring breaker:100,000,000
baserk mode:587,000,000
shadow aikon:800,000,000(temporary form)
super form1:812,000,000
super form 3:1000,000,0000
azure mode(super form blue):??? (i most likely wont transform to that one most times here)

Bio:(my original bio is waay to long so imma just make it a ling story short )im from mobius but not this mobius it's kinda hard to explain basically my universe and mobius got mixed up and became one with this mobius i didnt really mind i thought stuff was pretty much the same for me i still meet other opponents i still can be as lazy as much as i like once in awhile somthing real fun happens and im always ready to see what challenges come my way

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Excuse me I just joined what is the highest power level I can have right now?

Power level(first form):153,000

Second form:same as piccolo's (freiza saga)

Third form:(ill find out)

Fourth form:(a littoe stronger than son goku)

Fourth form(full power):rivals super saiyan goku

Bio:the son of King Cold,and brother of Cooler
When goku was just a child I destroyed the planet Vegeta
Even though it was first thought according to non-survivors/witnesses
That quoted from King Kai"it took a major beating,but with asteroids"

After failing my mission on planet Namek,when the dragon balls turned to stone and became useless
I became determined to destroy the three weaklings that refused to grant my wish before that happened!!!

But then a foolish Namekian named Piccolo joined the fight and after absorbing another Namekian of about equal power
He surprised me with his powerful attacks I then changed to my third form
And they surprised me again and i changed to my final form
And was completely healed but then another Saiyan joined the fight and they managed to defeat me
Or so they thought
But then enraged by the death of his comrade the Saiyan went Super Saiyan and defeated me

I later returned and met another Saiyian who to my surprise immediately defeated me
And i am now revived and will return to my goal of conquest

If i may ask is freiza taken?

Power level-200,000,000

Name-Son Gohan
Transformations-SSJ 2,3,4 Mystic 2,3,4 mystic God ssjg

hey everyone!!!! im back after 3 years

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Name: Randy
Title: champion of earth
Age: 19
Personality: cocky, erigent, loves a good fight
Likes: fighting, FOOD
Hates: winning a battle
Bio: a young aged super saiyan warrior with the past behind him, he has traveled across the globe looking for a decent and strong opponent more powerful than him, he does not fight to defeat others, he fights to defeat himself, however it is both a strength and and a weakness, he would rather lose a battle than win and become the victor
power level
Normal: 499,890
SSJ: 899,990
SSJG: 100,000,000
Move list
Nova Shot
False Rage
Madness Strike
Big Bang Attack
Instant Transmission 
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sits in the hyperbolic time chamber waiting for 3 other people to train with
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