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OK... So. This my... Um... Person? I guess...

K... So, I don't have a pic of my person but, I ship Reynico. So here's a pic of that til I draw my person!😊

Age: 14

Parentage: Daughter of Poseidon. Mom's side has both Zeus and Hades. Mom has Hades powers. I inheirted both Hades and Zeus along with the regular Poseidon powers.

Hair and Eye color: Hair is brown/black. Eyes are a blue-purple color.

Has anyone ever noticed that demigods always look like their mortal parents?

Age:11 , gender: girl
Likes: studing,water,and fandoms especially Percy Jackson books.
Dislikes: spiders, haters of percy jackson and twlight
godly parent:posiden
skills:using sword,and bow and arrow

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I made a few of these hope you like them!!!!!!
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Name:Noelia Mendoza
Hair color:black
Eye color:dark brown almost black
Likes:Percy Jackson books,sword fighting
Dislikes:makeup,people that say movie is better than book and spiders
Godly parent:Athena
Skills:I can find my opponents weakness easliy,I can fire a bow and arrow,and use a dagger very well

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Couples Of Heroes Of Olympus
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Come on guys join

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Recognize them? :)
~Jamie the Angelic Egg-Throwing Witch
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