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”Jeez, you all look like someone died.”
”I don’t look like my brother because I’m freaking adopted.”
”It’s a musical thing. Don’t worry about it.”
”Country music is of the devil. BURN IT DOWN.”
”I need a milkshake.”
”God, help us all..”

Name: Emily Kleinman
Age: 16
Height: 5’4
Weight: 140
Eye Color: Light brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Likes: Honey butter chips, sushi, chicken nuggets, drawing, sleeping, Christmas lights, Broadway musicals, Heathers, acting, ball pythons, warm blankets, baggy clothes, pastel colors and holographic things
Dislikes: Complete silence, the dark, loud noises, being alone, spicy foods, tests, being in large groups, and math
-Adopted Brother: Jared Kleinman
-Crush: Evan Hansen

Face Claim: Erin McGlynn
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Evan walks into the high school. It’s the first day of senior year. Who knows what could happen? It’ll probably be just like every other year though. Evan makes his way towards where his locker is said to be but someone runs into him. He falls over and it’s all he can do not to land on his cast. He scrambled up and starts to walk away from whoever just ran into him with his head down and books clutched to his chest.

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