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Welcome to the Kaminari region!

We have a few rules here, I hope you follow them, otherwise you may have to be kicked out... Anyway, here they are!

(Here is some music for while you read the rules and make your character: )

1: Respect the mod's and owner's decisions! If it's been agreed by all the owners, there is a little chance of it to change. Just don't give any of them a hard time, unless you're asking to be kicked. (Or this little Zorua will Black Hole Eclipse your a^^, so be good or get kicked out)

2: Blood is allowed, but for the love of Arceus, make sure it's okay with whoever you're Roleplaying with first, these kind of things make some people uncomfortable. (Seriously, ask first)

3: Please don't screech at us if you don't get a gym leader or something... your characters can still influence the story in event roleplays.

4: If a Legendary is taken, you can still have it. Fusions that are part legendary are allowed (But the must be verified by +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic)

5: Fusions, and Fakemon are allowed. (Human fusions are too, but they must get verified)

6: One legendary per person, two for mods, any amount for owners.

7: Please credit art you use for profiles and such. (If you can find the owner of the art)

8: Wanna have special powers? Go right ahead.

9: Related to the rule above, you Character can't be "perfect" they need negative traits too!

10: Unless it's in a roleplay, making fun of someone is not okay!

11: NO. "DIRTY". PICTURES. EVER. (Except on a few occasions)

12: Swearing is allowed in roleplay, please don't over do it.

13: No spam allowed

14: No harassment (except in role plays) this will get you banned instantly

A Team known as Team Virus is creating Shadow Fusion Pokemon and hurting normal Pokemon to create these Shadow Fusions. They have also hurt many humans such as Oracia Scarlet and fused her with the Flandre. Natsu Naora and his friends are on very bad terms with this evil organization... However... There will be a end.

Role roster!

Note: In this version you can have up to two Specialties/Types instead of just one if you're a gym leader, Elite Four, or champion.

Also to be noted: Some gym leaders have to be for beginners, but don't worry, you are allowed to have two teams if you're a gym leader, one for battle, and one for when you're not battling at the gym. However you're only allowed to have one team on you at a time

Team Virus leader
+Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic

Team Virus admins:
+Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic
+Vizia Gaming(Affiliated with)
+Zek the Champion of Alola

Gym leaders (up to 8)
+Zek the Champion of Alola

Elite four:
+LikeableLuigi (Sunlight styled team [Grass and Fire])
+Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic (Oasis styled Team [Ground and Water]

Pokemon league champion:
+Shadow The Black Lucario


Legendary roster:

Kanto Region:






Johto Region:



Suicune: +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic

Lugia: +Zorana Dragon


Celebi: +Linky The Artist

Hoenn Region:




Latios: +Drifter Havoc

Latias: +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic



Rayquaza: +xXBay_the_bae_buizelXx

Jirachi: +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic

Deoxys: +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic

Sinnoh Region:

Uxie: +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic

Azelf: +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic

Mesprit: +Shadow The Black Lucario

Dialga: +Grovyle








Darkrai: +Shadow The Black Lucario, +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic


Arceus: Banned (So don't even ask)

Unova Region:

Victini: +CheetahHeart












Kalos Region:


Yveltal: +Shadow The Black Lucario



Hoopa: +Shadow The Black Lucario


Alola Region:

Tapu Koko: +CheetahHeart

Tapu Lele: +Phil The Gōrudenchairudo

Tapu Bulu:

Tapu Fini: +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic



Solgaleo (Dusk Mane if you get Necrozma): +Apollo {god of the sun}, +CheetahHeart

Lunala (Dawn Wings if you get Necrozma): +Phil The Gōrudenchairudo

Necrozma (Ultra Form if you get Solgaleo or Lunala): +Saucy Penguin, +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic

Nihilego (Codenamed UB-01 Symbiont):

Buzzwole(Codenamed UB-02 Absorption [S]):

Pheromosa (Codenamed UB-02 Beauty [M]):

Xurkitree (Codenamed UB-03 Lighting):

Celesteela (Codenamed UB-04 Blaster [M]):

Kartana (Codenamed UB-04 Blade [S]):

Guzzlord (Codenamed UB-05 Glutton): +Shadow The Black Lucario

Poipole (Codenamed UB Adhesive): +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic

Naganadel (Poipole's evolution after learning Dragon Pulse and leveling up at level 25 or so): +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic

Stakataka (Codenamed UB Assembly [UM]):

Blacephalon (Codenamed UB Burst [US]): +Shadow The Black Lucario


Marshadow: +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic

As of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Character Template (Go nuts on these if you like and add more to them too if you want):




Nickname(s): (if they have one)




Good traits:

Bad traits:



Random facts:







Pokemon team:



Good traits:

Bad traits:

Random facts:

Battle theme:


+Oinari Mitsuru The Zorua Kid
+Phil The Gōrudenchairudo
+Shadow The Black Lucario
+Vizia Gaming
+Saucy Penguin

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At the Forgotten Mansion

(Closed to +Shadow The Black Lucario, +Saucy Penguin, +Vizia Gaming (If she pops online), +Zek the Champion of Alola (Don't do anything crazy), and +Phil The Gōrudenchairudo)

Natsu (Along with pretty much every other character I have) where at the Forgotten Mansion preparing for a little something special. Tharu had decided that the group should have a Halloween party where everyone was invited to. Aelita had made decorations along with Phil's sister Asura, who is a very talented young girl. Oracia was still little and flying around the ceiling and hanging up decorations. Kalari and Ruby were helping Kotoura, Pyra, and Fai with the food. Everything was looking pretty good and Natsu had something special for everyone. You then should up and...

Order will be myself, +Shadow The Black Lucario, +Saucy Penguin, +Vizia Gaming (If she is online at all), +Zek the Champion of Alola, and lastly +Phil The Gōrudenchairudo. You have 5 minutes to comment. If your system is being slow, message in hangouts and we will wait a few extra minutes

Ashriel Dune, 6 P.M.
"Blood of the fallen... check... mysterious gemstone... check... hm... what about those space crystals? Where did I put them...?"
Catherine, wearing a tank top and shorts, looks around and digs through the sand. After a moment of searching, she pulls her bag out. Opening it, the first thing she sees are these weird but scary-looking crystals.
"Ah, heeere they are. Ahahah, silly me..."
She mumbles to herself. With a smile on her face, she grabs a list that she wrote.
"What else do I need...? I know there's something missing here..."
You had just been walking around the dunes for some reason. It was relatively peaceful, but then you see this girl preparing for... something. You would then...

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I just had a new idea for a Team Nightmare Admin... Let's just say...

She's gonna give you hell.

Theme: (0:15-3:30)
Voice: (0:00-0:10)
Name: Noire

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At PalmCreek City

(+Closed to +Zek the Champion of Alola)

Natsu was walking around a very beautiful and beachy like city. He had Oracia (Who is still little, and asleep) in his arms. He was with Virtua who was caring another little girl who was one of Oracia's old friends who was found back at the Kingdom on Innocencia. The group was wondering around when they came across a big shipwreck out on the beach. They decided to have a look when a group of Hammerank swam up. You then...

(Closed to +Shadow The Black Lucario)

In the Kingdom of Innocencia

Night had just finished battling N from Unova when a very little Oracia walked up to him and handed him a Darkinium Z and Natsu handed him a black Z ring

Natsu: Now you can pull off one amazing move N. Even though you lost, you still did pretty well against our Champion.
Oracia: Uh huw!

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New fakemon:
Species: Witcheroo
Type: Poison, Ghost
Moves: Dark pulse, sludge bomb, venoshock, poison jab
Lowest level: 40

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Name: Mahi
Nickname: Phoenix
Moves: Sacred fire, Blast burn, ancient power, brave bird
Likes: Fire, burning stuff, causing mischief, apples
Dislikes: water, rock types, fairy types
Best friend: A Arcanine named jace

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Name: Mu
Nickname: Muddy
Moves: Mud slap, stomp, earthquake, high horsepower
likes: oran berries, adventures
dislikes: water
best friend: A zeroara named Zap

Zek was at his work shop, cleaning, when he came across a old map. the only thing was, this map brought make memories. a lot of memories. good and bad memories. it was a map of his home region. a long time ago, it was struck with a blast that irradiated the whole region. he knew it should be cleared by now, and he did want to visit, so hestarted packing his things and left messages on natsu's and night's voicemails to meet him in an hour outside his house. they were heading over there

An hour later, you?

(Closed to +Natsu Naora: The God of illusion and Magic, and +Shadow The Black Lucario)
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