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The project required the translators.

You can help to translate the application on site

UniPatcher 0.13 is released:

- Support IPS32 patches
- Deleted ads. Thanks to all who supported the development of the program.

Get it on Google Play

Download APK:

UniPatcher 0.12 is released:

- Support APS patches (Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance)
- Added the ability to specify the output directory

Get it on Google Play or directly from GitHub

UniPatcher 0.11 is released:

- Support EBP patches (for EarthBound game)
- Italian translation (Thanks to Matteo Sechi)

Get it on Google Play

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UniPatcher 0.10.1 is released:

- Added dark theme
- Fix some bugs

Get it on Google Play

UniPatcher 0.10 is released:

- Support XDelta3 patches

UniPatcher 0.9.1 is released:

- The app remembers the last used directory
- Added the ability to configure the directories for patches and ROMs
- Polish translation (Thanks to Michal Bychowski)

UniPatcher 0.9 is released:

- Support BPS patches
- Help page (FAQ)
- Russian translation
- Various improvements and bug fixes 

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UniPatcher 0.8 is released.

- Support Marshmallow permissions
- Added ability to rename output file
- Added floating action button
- New colors, icons and navigation bar
- Now the application only runs on devices with Android 4 and above

#unipatcher #android #romhacking

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