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How to join beta testing of Annie Baby Monitor for Android

1. Join this community.
2. Visit and click I want to become beta tester.
3. Go to Play Store and download Annie Baby Monitor.

Please write your feedback or report any bugs here. And keep in mind, it's beta so expect some of them.

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We've published new beta to Play Store with improvements in video and networking, especially when monitoring multiple children.

Thanks for testing!

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Version 1.0.4
* German, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese translations
* Fixed avatar sizes on tablets
* Fixed some video issues
* Network fixes

Bugfix version 1.0.1 published!

* Fix some video and camera related crashes
* Better handling of devices without camera
* Removed permission for writing external storage
* Fixed crash when adding child to monitoring
* Fixed crash when creating new child failed
* Fix early attempts to use torch

Version 1.0.2 published!

* Fix purchase crashes
* Launch screen
* Fixed child monitoring background
* Removed another useless permission
* Fix some network related crashes

Version 1.0.0 published!

It's our public beta. Enjoy it.

Version 0.18.0
* Suggest emails in account related text fields
* Show disclaimer after account creation
* Better icon logic on child unit
* Better parent layouts on small screens
* Fixed some bugs
* Little tweaks in UI

Version 0.17.0
* Fixed video scrolling
* Updated some texts
* Fixed disconnect beeps on LG phones
* App start from launcher during monitoring session now takes you to monitoring screen
* Fixed saved states during child switching
* Renamed launcher shortcut to "Baby Monitor"
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