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Welcome to Spacemice Community!

An extension of the website, for the discussion of all things dealing with 3D mice.

Discussions will include, but are not limited to :::
Announcing new models and driver updates.
Historical info about legacy and vintage devices.
User experiences, and unique applications.

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New fork of spacenav-plus that will build on MacOSX.

Now your old serial spacemice will work on a Mac!

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Discovered a french 3D mouse device which has been around for a while.   Another example of hidden in plain sight, due to it being in a very niche market.

(their website currently under maintenance)

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3DConnexion ending official support for the SpaceExplorer on May 31, 2016.

(silly me forgot to post to the community)

Sorry for the sudden spam.  These were all posts I made ages ago, and forgot to log into the community first.

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New 3D Mouse out there!

Sorry for the delay Sam.  I will get something up on the main website soon!  (forgot to send this to the community)

I have an old Astroid 6000 from days gone by when I used Solidworks a lot. Now I'm using Sketchup every day and found the old Astroid in a box. Does anyone know if you can get one of these to work with Sketchup?

+Mike Erwin I received email from a Mac user who says using 10.2.1 of the 3DxMacWare driver, he is able to use his SpaceExplorer in Blender, can you confirm?
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