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sits there and eats luch


Many:Hi my many and you
fullin:My name is fullin nice to meet you
Many:Nice to Meet you too fullin
Lightning:Who is This!!
Fullin:Oh Hay Lightning this is Many
Lightning:I Giss it is nice to meet you
Kowue:I miss alidoro :(
Lightning:I konw you do
Many:Oh wit What A helped to him?
Kowue:He Died I long time a Ago
Fullin:Yeah Alidoro is her Buther he Died win the defd Afu abd us Fightot Each uthere
Many:Oh my so sorry
Kowue:I miss him a Lot


Mom:Hay Many Many!
huh a Lore # sorry mom I have to go to a Pach I love you But I will Never Forget you my need to love Many# No Many Crys


Many:I now what to do I will call my friend Calls Chica
Me:Oh Hay what are you up to?
Many:Tacking Care of Meho but she is a Sleep do you Wot to come over?
Me:Sure I love
Meho:My held Hurts
Many:I konw Sister
Me: * knock on the door*
Many:I Git it
Meho:My held Hurts
Me:can I see meho?
Many:sure I Giss
Meho:Ah who are you?!?!
Me:My your friend don't you Reader me
Meho:Sorry But I do not What is you Name
Me:My name is Chica The Chicken as a Wolf
Meho:Sorry No Remder of her Ahh My held
Many:Sister Git Same Sleep ok
Meho:Ok Go's Back to Sleep
Me:I juts Can't Bleve that she dos not Remer me:(
Many:My so sorry do you Wot to call Someone?
Me:Sure calls +Bobby Serrano Come on Peck up Dag it
Me:he did not Peck up
Me: +Bobby Serrano​ he did not
Many:Oh Ok
Me:Hay can I Sein that night Her
Mom:My back
Many:Mom your Back
Mom:Yep Oh Hay Chica Nice to see you again
Me:Yep it is Nice to see you a Again too
Me:Hay Can I Sein the Nighe her Plz
Mom:Will I do Not Care it is up to your Mom not me
Me:Ok Call Mom Oh Hay Mom can I Sein the Night Oh Ya At Many/Mehos house Ok Ya
Many:What is it
Mom:What did she say?
Me:she say Sure
Many:Oh Sorry mom
Mom:It's Fine

Many:Hay Sister
Meho:Oh hay Sister what do you have Next?
Many:Luch and you
Many:Cool Ier twitch
Meho:What is it Sister
Voice:It is all your Fote
Many:What is all my Fore
Meho:Sister are you ok?!
Many:Ya My Ok
Meho:Ok good Lets go
Voice:All the People it is your Fote
Many:What people How is it my Fore
Voice:All the peopl Who die is all your fote
Many:Who And What people and how is it all my Fore
Meho:Sister uh..
Meho:We are Her
Many/Meho: Gits food
Many:Will my goggle to go to the roof
Meho:My Cuming too
Voice:you deserve this
Many:What do I Desevrve what oh my God there you are
Meho:Sister There is No one her but us Sister plz git off you are too Close you meet Full off
Voice:This Puse her off
Meho:Sister NOOO omg Help anyone plz
voice: Despes
Meho:Sister Uh..Techer Runs to the teachers Help
Techers:What is it
Meho:Many:Full Ofc of the Roof
Techers:Omg Runs up to the Roof Omg Call The ER Now
Meho: Calls the Er we need help Quick Lane
er:Ok calm down what is it
Meho:My Sister Full of the School Betning
Er:Ok Wich one
Meho:The Wolf's High School
Er:Ok We Are Cuming Quick
Meho:Ok Crys it is all my Fote
Techers: Hugs Meho Shh It is Not Your Fote ayone Code off full Fumw the Roof like that
Meho:But It is More then that Many was acting Crazy there was like some Voice I'm her held and I think that the Voice Push her Idk
Techers:Oh Ok 

To be continued......


one hour later
Meho: *Wacks up*Mom
Meho:My held Hurts
Mom:I konw
Meho:Can I Call Sum One Plz
Mom:Ok Hads Meho the Phone there you go
Many:Hay mom
Mom:How was School?
Many:It was good I Giss
Meho:Shh Many my goggle to call Same One
Many:Sorry Sister
Meho:Ahh my Held
Mom:My So Sorry that Happed to you'll Both
Meho/Many:It is Not your Fote
Meho: Calls +Bobby Serrano​ Come on Pech up
Meho:Dage it
Meho:Then did not Pech up ahh my Held
Mom:dos it Feel a Little Beter
Meho:No now that mach
Many:Mom is Sister goggle to be ok??
Mom:I Hope So
Many:Ok Mom
Many:Mom my Really Woed about Sister
Meho:can I Eat
Mom:Ok Fix Meho Sane food and Go ever it to her
Meho: Eat it up Thanks mom
Mom:No Problem Doter
Meho: Go's back to Sleep
Many:she is so cute win she Sleeps
Mom:Yep And you Too Many
Many:Yes Mom
Mom:My goggle to the Stower can you Chep Meho Safe
Many:Yes I will Mom you can can go
Mom:I love you
Many:I love you too Bye mom
Mom:I love you too Many Lives

To be Created..


Many:Mr Fily Her
Me:Oh hay Many What Happed on the roof?
Many:I do not Wot to Talk About it ok
Me:No Plz tell me
Many:I Say No ok
Many:grrr No Stop Assing ok
Me:Ok Jzze hay Were is Meho
Many: Eyes Close at home
Me:Oh way
Many:Nive Min Let's go to class
Mean while
Meho: Wacks up I need a Shawer Mom
Meho:Can I Tack a Shawer
Mom:Umm.Yeah but I have to put a Bagt on your Held
Meho:Can't I die by that
Mom:not on your fash juts your Held
Meho:Ok mom
Meho:But How My I goggle to Git into the shawer?
Mom:by your dad
Mean while
Techer:Many how do you sove this Plodlum
Techer:Ruge Chica how
Techer:Can I talk to many out shid of the room
Many:What is it
Techer:What is wrong you are Owas happy tell me what is Wrong
Many: none of your business
Techer:Yes it is oh and her is Meho
Many:Like I say none of your Business
Techer:Go up to the Ofes
Many:Ok this Beter then your Class
Techer:Now Go
Me:What is goggle on ever one Sits
Techer:Class Desmiss
Me:Yay um..Techer her is Many?
Techer:She is in the Ofes
Me:Oh ok that's

To be Created....


Meho:My not Laging
Voice:I did it your Tune
Voice:yes it is
Meho:Look There it is
Techers: *look there is Nothing there
Meho:But But But It was
Voice:Follow me then you see
Meho:No way
Voice: Pushes her Close to the Escher of the roof
Techers:No Meho Puoshes her back
Voice: Gits her back and Pushes her off of the Roof
Techers:What the what Happed
Er:We are her way is there a Girl in the threes
Techers:Idk all we Know is that many was Pushes ofc of the Roof or full Off Idk Wich one abd Meho we Chiched to Save her But Some was Hude US Back that we Code not move
Er:Oh Ok But We Need to Thacker them to the Hospital quickly Like Asp
Er: Thaks the oops Girl's to the Hospital Quickly
A few weeks later
Meho: Walks up Uh..My held W-What happed Uh...Way my I in the Hospital Uh..
Doters:Oh u are a Wack that's good
Meho:Uh..What To many
Doters:Uh..Will She is in a coma Sorry Meho
Meho:Is she ok Uh..My held Hurts a Lot and My ong Too and lag But mostly My Held
Doters:Git Same Rest it is Goggle to be a Wall
Meho:Ok Go's back to Sleep

To be Created...


Meho:Mom my Held Hurts a lot
Mom:I konw Hugs Meho
Meho:Way did this Happed to me :(
Meho: Yosnes My trader
Mom:Ok then go back to Sleep
Meho: Go's back to Sleep
Mom:Oh Hay
Choshes:Hay kids HAY
Mom:Do not cram ok
Mom:Ahh because of Meho
Choshes:What About her?
Mom:Will she Full off of the Roof of her school
Choshes:Oh God and many
Mom:Yep her Too
Choshes:Oh my god are they ok
Mom:Ya Many is Ok But Meho will She Full off of the Roof Held Fresh she lost a lot of her Remrem
Choshes:Oh I feel so bad her her and you
Mom:Ya but Meho is Sleeping Ok
Choshes:Oh ok
Meho:Mom my Held Hurts
Mom:I konw Go back to Sleep ok
Meho:Ok Go's Back to Sleep
Choshes:Will is there in thag I can do to help her
Mom:Will Can I git Same Sleep and can you thack Chere of her plz
Choshes:Of course I will
Mom:Thanks Go's to sleep
Meho: Wack's up
Meho:Ahh Who are you MOM
Choshes:Shh my Your Choshe but your Mon is a Sleep ok
Choshes:Can I help with inthag?
Meho:will my led Hurts a lot
Choshes:I konw it Dose
Meho:How ahh do you konw that?!
Choshes:Will your mom tode me what Happed I Feel really Bad for you and Many
Meho:How do Ever one Nos what Happed and I do not all I konw is that I Full Held Fresh and now I lost a lot of my Redre
Choshes:Oh ok will go back to sleep
Meho:Ahh ok Go's back to sleep
Choshes:she is so cute win she Sleep

To Be Created...
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