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Hello, my name is Claudia Roesler. I'm from Janesville, MN and am the Personalized Learning coach for our district. This is the first year for this position, so I'm always looking for new things to read and to learn more about PL.

Hello from Alaska! My name is Melissa Linton and I am a curriculum coordinator for my school district. I am very thankful to find this google community and can't wait to dig into all the wisdom, resources and new ideas you have to share.

I am looking to create a learning pathway for my students. Our 4th grade teachers have created one for their grade. I teach second grade and would love to see what others have created for their students.

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A reflection post. We love our jobs. We are so thankful to be able to do what we do. More importantly, we are incredibly thankful for our kiddos.

Is anyone using the new Google Classroom feature of choosing individual students for assignments to personalize/customize learning paths?
I would live to hear anyone's experiences.

Jim -

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Our latest blog post on how we launched our personalized literacy unit on argument!

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Many people often ask us about our space..."Where do you get your stuff? How do you organize materials? What about your furniture?" We wrote a blog to answer a few of those common questions :)

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We had another great collaboration day with Mike Mohammad from Brookfield Central High School! He brought his AP Physics kids down to our 5th graders for a morning of Sphero fun! Check out our latest blog post to learn more about this amazing morning!
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