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This place dead? If not then I be taking my throne as Envy!!

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Enters the room, and removes his hat. Smiles
"Well, hello there."
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name-fate michaelin 
nicknames-eevee (when shes normal) flareon (when shes fire) vaporeon (when shes water) jolteon (when shes lightning) glaceon (when shes ice) sylveon (she shes pink) umbreon (when shes dark) espeon (when shes psychic) and leafeon (when shes grass) 
likes- fate- every thing eevee-sweets flareon-likes fire vaporeon- swimming jolteon-being alone glaceon-sing and the winter sylveon- sweets and flying umbreon-being in the shadows espeon-being her self leafeon-likes to be out side 
dislikes-they all have the same dislikes 
personality-fate-kind eevee-fun flareon-protective vaporeon-sweet jolteon- quiet glaceon-shy sylveon-girly umbreon-dark espeon-unknown leafeon-tomboy 
powers-(fate)-transforms into eevee evelutions (eevee)-unknown (flareon)-fire (vaporeon)-water (jolteon)-lightning (glaceon)-ice (sylveon)-fairy (umbreon)-dark magic (espeon)-psychic (leafeon)-grass
bio-when fate was born she had the ability to transform into the eevee evelutions she lives in an abandoned house she has no parents or anyone 
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Pride would be walking in a dark alleyway +Solf Kimblee 

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Name: Pride
Species: Homonculus
Gender: male
Age: looks 9 but is older
Skills: Using razor sharp shadows to kill
Bio: Use wiki


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Name: Solf J. Kimblee a.k.a the Crimson Alchemist
Gender: Male
Age: early thirties
Species: Human
Skills: Photographic Memory
Alchemy: Explosive Alchemy
Bio: just look it up on wiki
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