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Community Guidelines/rules!

Hey everyone, I'd like to point out rules to keep this community friendly, safe, and thriving.

1. NO spamming - This includes the 'post to other communities' type of posts, or irrelevant pictures/posts that don't really entail writing. You are not allowed to post content within a 2-3 minute timeline after one post. If you're giving your blog page, or another cool writing page, tell us about it, say hi, or something. If you just give us the page, and do it more than once, it seems sketchy, and google will automatically remove your post :P . Anyone who ruins the experience by spamming will receive a deleted post or a swift kick outta here!

2. Be kind - I know that some members may be new to writing and honestly may be quite unskilled, (I'm not the most skilled writer at all) but you must be friendly and courteous when writing replies. If you've got nothing nice to say, just scroll away from that post... If anybody asks for feedback give them feedback that isn't super harsh, unless they say harsh remarks are okay. Even if somebody has a disability that may prevent them from being great at grammatical writing, or their speed of thought, please be kind, writing is fun, and everyone, no matter who should be able to enjoy doing so in a kind environment.

3. Socialize!!! - This community has a purpose of helping those who love the same thing:writing, to get together, expand on ideas, and share your writings with others. Try to be social, and enjoy yourself.

4. Etc. - overall, so far, there are not that many rules, so you're pretty free! just have fun, be active, DON'T be a killjoy, and keep on writing!

5. No bullying - There is absolutely no bullying allowed on this community, It is the most bannable thing on this community. So do not give an excuse of "I was kidding" or "it's just a prank" bullying is rude, cruel, pathetic, and is dangerous for the bullied and the bully. If a bullied person commits suicide (which happens more often than you'd think), anybody involved in bullying is responsible for their death... PLEASE do not bully, and be friendly... 🙂

6. Plagiarism - Plagiarizing is an instant ban. Not only are you banned, but others will be notify that you plagiarize. Stealing others' work, chapters, or the story as your own will result in ban. I have no patience for this, because it shows you are not a true writer, and do not deserve to publish other's hard work as your own. In addition to plagiarism, the owner of the stolen work will be notified that you have stolen your content, and if plagiarized many times, other communities will be notified to prevent it. so please don't do it...

7. Slight guidelines/restrictions on selling. (not a ban) - Basically this means that if you're trying to sell something don't put it as you would on a site purely for selling it. If you have a book that you wrote or an article that YOU have written, or something of the sort it may be allowed. If you are indeed showing off something to buy that isn't yours, try to at least contact staff, or mention a staff member in the comments to get our attention. For example if you wanted to sell a book you made, try to tell us about your writing in books, give us a little detail about it because this is not a community purely for selling things (also it gives detail and information about it). If there's payment for something on your blog or website, it's perfectly fine unless its mentioned in the post on this community itself.. If you have any questions about this new slight restriction, please contact me (+Drew W.) Via google plus. By the way this is just to make sure people aren't just looking to only coax everyone here into buying. (I understand some of you have written books and articles and that's perfectly fine. Just a little bit on detail.)

Thanks for reading the rules, and remember to please enforce the rules ( ESPECIALLY 5 & 6)
If you have any questions, just comment on this post with your question.


(Keep in mind that this community is pretty new, and was created on January 6, 2016)
Also, I recommend sharing this community with friends and peers who like or show an interest in writing.

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#novel #lovenovel #books #book #reading #readingforpleasure

A summer came, my birthday also came, but my life was reduced by one more year. I looked at the left-over-features of a crying child in the face that has changed over time. I laughed. My point-finger moved along my lips with a bright and fresh smile. There was an evil guy used to tell my mom that I would die when I would be full 20. That sinister fortune teller with the philosophy of the realm of ignorance made my mom worried a lot. At that time, I only was two years old. And then, I was about to turn 20, my smile was still unaffected; however, my mother was in somewhere very far away from me. She was tired of her worries, she arrived in a sunny place, left me and my father in this life. But if the saying of the fortune teller had been true, I would have met my mother when I would be full 20.
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Plastic Bags and Lyrics
I love rainy weather. The gloomy air, the heavy grey clouds, the water. The smell of the earth changing after the rain. In the background, there’s Jay-Z a.k.a Baba Ivy (that’s as far as I will go with that), behind a mic, accompanied by a sultry voiced mama...
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