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Please visit and read the PP and TaC.

Also: 14 days export is live.

There have been some issues with the daily and hourly runs after upgrading the OS and software.

It should be fine by tomorrow. Sorry for the issues.

Removed all Ruutu channels as Nelonen stopped doing pay tv.

I'm working on RTL2.

There will be some data issues with Viasat/NETN Group channels during August as they are changing press website for all of the countries. I'm working on it.

As you know, episode numbers on Disney's channels are often very different from the episode numbers used on thetvdb. Especially if the series has half length episodes (15 min).
I've recorded a few series from these channels lately, and can provide a mapping from Disneys episode numbers, and the episode numbers at thetvdb for these series, if you're interested.

Is there anyone using this with Perfect Player android? Does it work good?

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XMLTV.exe tv_grab_se_swedb ...
Stopped working for me after 13th of June.
Only receive "channel info" in the xml file.

I see that there are epgfiles available for my channels at
but doesn't seem to be downloaded by XMLTV.exe

Anyone else with the same problem?

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Finnish program guide uses to fetch program data. -programmer


I get an "Error 525 SSL handshake failed" from cloudflare when I try to access


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