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I have moved all channel requests, bugs etc to Github.
You can still discuss tools etc here.

But any support regarding additions, bugs etc. will not be answered.

Donate: or subscribe to for 149 SEK per year and get a customized XMLTV file.

Removed SVT World as it shut down in April.

Hey, i have used TimeforTV service to import EPG to my EyeTv software, can i somehow use your service now ?
I use to download a xml file which contains the programs i would like EPG data from, and when i dran this file to Eyetv, it pairs the channels from the xml file, with the channels in my eyetv.
I import only once a week, so my xml file contains data for mere than 8 days.

Anyone using XMLTV and EyeTV together ?

Thanks in advance ;o) 

Hi, i got a question: How can i combine 2 sources in 1 Link? I use now - but some channel from Switz like S*y Sport Austria are missed, which i found in How can i combinate both in 1 Link to use it at once?

Hi! Isn't the file updated any longer? I get error message "Failed to download data" for all my channels.

Thank you for a very great service.

Until now I have used your service with dvblogic from the url:

Suddenly no data?

Then from I have learned that the URL have changed?

I have tried:

No luck?

What is the correct url for danish epg data?

Thanks in advance and thank you for a great service.

Great Community! Thanks for the great work. I am fit at working with "those" Computers. I Realized that German "Sky Atlantic +1 HD" is missing. I am willing to add it to Your Scrapper. How to Support the Community?

I've must have made some mistake in the configuration or something. I've read somewhere that I should use tv_grab_se_tvzon, but I only get EPG data until 22/11, then nothing more. It feels like there should be more days of data?
Is there a guide somewhere on how to configure tv_grab_se_tvzon?

There is no data for Swedish channels 5, 9 and 11 from November 29.

Thank you for a great service. Have trouble with two DK channels: Disney HD  and Diney Jr?? Other channels works great and the mentioned 2 channels have been working great up til now?
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