name: penny ross
age: who needs it on g+?
gender: female
species: human( I?)
bio: a sonic boom loving young lady, hoping to rid the world of haters of sonic boom, of me, or anything else I like.
games recently played: sonic boom dash(sonic dash 2, but that's what I like to call it), nintendogs.
one wish in this world: for the sonic boom characters to come to life.
dislikes: haters of sonic boom(I hear bobby Moynihan and bill hader are haters).
likes: sonic boom(although some episodes do tick me off, like role models and circus of plunders), Tails.

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Sonic dash 2

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Name: Blue
Age: 12
Gender: female
Weapons: swords
Powers: freeze and burn
Family members: +Cherry The Gem Cat

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name:Sakura Rose
species:bobcat/ hedgehog
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