Our site's entered v5.1. Check out our new #kamenriderwizard   #theme along with our v5 #theme on the site.


Our site is up to v4.2.1 Have you checked it out?

v4.1b of our site is up. Check it out and leave comments.

Now that I know how to get Google+ to use my Stereo Mix stuff I'll be working on getting some YouTube videos up for us and The Gaming Saloon So keep and eye on our YouTube accounts.



Site is back up and running. [Rampant]

For those wondering, yes the site is down. I will update when it's back up. [Rampant]

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Hey, guys! Tommygun2442 here to tell everyone to check out our show tonight! It's gonna be great! We are going live later on Youtube! I'll post the link when we get ready! Hope to see some new faces there! Enjoy the show!

Want to visit our site? check it out! http://tgstgsr.dyndns.org/

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