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My steampunk aesthetic collage, give credit please!
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Okay, i need help guys, i am not particularly fond of the stake dances, and i often dread going. So to try to convince myself to want to go more, i want to "play dress up". Preferably a steampunk style, do you guys have any ideas that would be dance comfortable? Like not to hot, or not easy to lose like a hat i guess? Please let me know!

To make you feel better, here's a cool pocketwatch pic i found!

Alright guys! If you are doing a Steampunk themed Halloween costume, please post pics! (I am and plan to post pics when I can...)

Plot outline for my Steampunk romance novel:
Smudge shovels coal for the prince on his fancy-schmany high-tech coal-powered boat. And his mansion. And his private rooms. Basically, she's the prince's private shoveler-of-coal.
Smudge is an orphan, which is not uncommon for someone of her position. What she doesn't know is why exactly the prince picked her for his personal coal shoveler, out of all other orphans.
When Smudge falls for a young lordling who has a secret passion in mechanics, she knows she's lost it. Until the young lordling throws a masquerade ball to find a bride.
In a night of madness, Steampunk costumes, mischief, true parentage, princes, lordlings, and a whole heap of coal, it will keep you burning the midnight oil (or should I say coal)!

Three words: Steampunk romance novel

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Octopus Pocket Watch

Yes, it's anachronistic, as men don't usually carry pocket watches any longer, but it has a mad design, and it has an octopus on it, so it's a win!

About the Watch

Octopus pocket watch, men's steampunk style, antique bronze, with custom goggles. Octopus watch features a octopus mounted on front of watch case. Custom made goggles give the octopus a steampunk look.

The watch has a nice face with large numbers. The chain is 12" in length and has four tiger eye stone beads and a bronze anchor charm adorning it. The beads 3" in length and anchor are on a lobster clasp so they can be worn on the watch chain or removed with ease if you would like to wear a plain chain for the day.

This bold pocket watch would be a great addition to your own collection or gift for a special person or occasion. Watch can be opened by pressing the knob to reveal the time. The time can be adjusted by lifting the knob and rotating it.

#octopus   #watch   #steampunk   #pocketwatch   #etsy   #clock   #timepiece   #time  


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Steampunk Inspired Table Lamps by takymoto
Steampunk Inspired Table Lamps
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Okay, you guys, i am really stuggling. I'm doing a Steampunk Wonder Woman costume for Halloween (i know its over a month away but I'm diy-ing it so im doing all the sewing) and i incredibly panicked voice CANNOT FIND A CORSET BELT ONLINE (thats a real gold color, not yellow) AND AHHHHRRRRGG!!!! All i have for gold fabic is this.... Help!!!

Okay, i created another category calles Steampunk You Created so we can put stuff like the lego boat or diy costumes!!! Have fun folks!!!!!!
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