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(Dinosaur tf/Friendship RP +Kate the Alpha or +Kate the Wolf)

A young T-Rex named Axel, had been transported to a wolf park, and had one goal. To make new friends, but everyone ran scared. He was starting to lose all hope in making new friends, as nobody seemed to like him. And......
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Name: Sugar
Age: 16
Dinosaur type: Phyerodactle
How big you are: about big as a large tree
Personally: playful, sweet, loveable
Likes: playing, nice wolves, loves to be with Spirit.
Dislikes: anybody evil or rude
How you became a dinosaur: Sugar was running away from bad wolves, when she tripped, and fell onto sharp rocks, she died. In the ghost world, A sweet ghost said to her "you do not deserve to be dead. Therefore, I'll give you a second life, but different" the ghosted used a magic on her, Sugar was transformed. When she woke up, she was a phyerodactle. And with a big smile, she flew into the sky, and made best friends with Spirit the Indominus Rex
Picture: (shown below)

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Name: Blue Moon
Species: T Rex
Gender: female
Age: 21
Likes: Singing, Helping others,Swimming, Sunsets,
Dislikes: Mean dinosaurs,seeing her friends and family in danger
Bio: I was walking along in the forest on a peaceful evening I saw a bright light leading me somewhere and I grew into a huge T Rex
Size: 11" 2
Personality: kind,silly,funny, strong, bold,flirty,sassy,

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Here's some dinos you can be.

indominus Rex, T-rex, Brachiosaurus, pyherodactle, and triceratops
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Axel: anyone wanna rp with a orange and yellow tiger-stripped t-rex?

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Name: Hollie
Species: Spinosaurus fav Dino of course!
Gender: female
Age: 23
Likes: Friends,Protecting,Meat,And Fish
Dislikes: Mean dinosaurs,Idiots,T-Rex's,And Jerks
Bio: When she was about 16 she was walking in the forest happily,then all the sudden she got in a net and toiled somewhere she fell asleep when she woke she was in the middle of nowhere and she was a Spinosaurus the rest of her life has been dedicated to that and now she says she was always one in heart!
Size: 12.6–18 metres (41–59 ft) in length and 7 to 20.9 tonnes (7.7 to 23.0 short tons) in weight
Personality: Kind,Aggressive,Independent,Impatient,Impulsive,Optimistic,Courageous,and Funny
It's very rare for her to become friends w/others especially T-Rex's buts it's possible and if she is friends w/you she will protect u and treat u like family forever....UNLESS u hurt her inside

(RP +Hollie Aries The Litten)

16 year old, Hollie was walking around the wilderness, when she saw a wolf walk up to her, and sat down in front of her, wagging his tail, and smiling at her (RP fir us)

How Spirit and Blue moon became dinosaurs.

Two wolves, Spirit and Blue moon were walking together. Talking, because they were best friends. And....(RO for me and +Luscious The Pegasus only)

thanks for the invite and im Kate the wolf but on a different user
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