I can not operate fully contactive put on my pc or my phone, what should I do?

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I get a message on my computer to upgrade to the Contactive 2.0 Chrome extension. After it finishes, it asks me to text a number to show what it can do. The number calls, and this comes up.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that Home Depot is not the right caller ID in this case.

If Contactive has access to my contacts, can it reformat my contacts' phone numbers so they're all in a similar (XXX) XXX-XXXX style?

That's always bugged me about my contacts list.

A flaw I'd love to see fixed:

• Person X and I communicate via SMS
• 5 minutes pass (or any time)
• Person X calls, and the window that appears says the last CALL was 5min ago. 

Contactive can't tell the difference between the last call and the last communication?

I  have tried the latest version . I believe  we are doing "perfect app" to this year

I have a suggestion for you ...
There are phrases that are not translated in the best way to Spanish
For example

If I have a call of  yesterday , now You can see "1 día atrás" it's better to say " hace 1 día" 

It would be good if you add a feature for reporting back numbers or save them for user at least, sometime we knows a number that you don't know, and we can contribute it or at least save it for ourself and if would be good if it's save in our profile for next use such as changing phone, flashing ROM, ... #feature   #update   #backup  

This community getting quite for a while, no talking, no release change, no new feature, what's wrong ?

I'm not able to find beta download link from g+ app from my phone (not even in the community description). Please help.

In latest version when you go into someone's contact and scroll down , when you about to reach the top of the page ( buttom of the contact picture ) to the top of the phone, a new bar add to the screen from no where and it move by scroll more and disappear when you scroll back again.
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