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I love u Christian collins

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Happy mothers day

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My Tragic Life...

This is all true...

Guys I have a confession to make. I've been going through a deep depression, and I honestly need to get this off my chest. I try to act happy and cheerful so people around me don't get upset, depressed, or too worried, but sometimes it's just too painful to hide.

This all began with my actual father. My real father walked out of my life before I was merely even a year old. When he finally decided to reenter my life, I noticed that he would always place himself in these relationships with strange women in which I've never met before. I couldn't stand to be around him, because he would only pretend to act like a caring father to impress those women.

I eventually started to ignore and dislike my father, but that only caused him to constantly upset with me. After awhile, my mother became fed up with my fathers bulls*it, and she finally decided to get rid of him. I'm glad that she did, and believe it or not, my father actually raped one of my aunts children, and he now sits in a jail cell where I honestly believe he belongs.

I was constantly abused by my parents and one disrespectful teacher from a school I attended not too long ago. I was once raped by one of my step father's uncles when I was three, and raped again by cousin when I was eleven.

I Eventually built up enough courage to tell my parents, and once the word got out to his parents, no one believed me. Though I was young, I never started having friends until I was 5 years old

My grandfather was the one who truly cared about me, but unfortunately he died when I was around the age of nine. Before he died he too was thrown in jail for something he didn't even do, or at least that's what I want to believe.

He was diagnosed with cancer and was supported by and depended on a machine in order to live. He wasn't granted access to the machine or his medication while in the jails Hospital, so one day my mom and a couple of my aunts went to visit him while my other siblings and I were in school. My mother was still visiting my grandfather when we arrived to the house, so we waited. When they finally returned home, I was so unbelievably happy that I immediately asked them what amazing things did he say about us, but when I noticed all of them crying and frantically breathing, my smile disappeared.

I quickly asked what had happened, and with a slight hesitation my mother told me that my grandfather flatlined as soon as they walked into the room. With hearing that, my mind instantly blacked out and I stood there Frozen and completely confused. It wasn't until I got ready to rest my head that a barrage of tears begin pouring from my eyes. It was an unforgettable feeling as if my mind, body and soul were all broken at once. I was laying awake in bed constantly repeating, " He's never coming back." As time went on I refrained from talking to others, reduce the amount of food I ate, and cried day in and day out until my eyes ran dry.

The pain was so intense because I remember everything my grandfather and I used to do together, even when I was a mere infant. I remember walking into his bedroom, eating his candy bars and drinking his favorite cola all while he was sleeping. I would get on his back and yanked on his hair while laughing hysterically.

I remember everytime I got into trouble he would take me to a chair, place me on his lap and would always tell me, " Please be good for your parents Katelin. Your mother and father work hard for you, your sister and your brother to have toys, food, and a roof over your head. Be good for me, okay?" Then he would hug me and we would go outside to work in the yard. Once he left, then I haven't been right ever since.

Please listen to me when I say this. If your going through depression you're not alone. Please come talk to me and let me help.

Comment done below if you want my help. I love you guys and I don't want to hurt y'all. ❤❤❤

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Miss unfortunate...

On a cool, grey, gloomy October evening, Miss sally was playing with her dog on her daddy's farm. She was a bit different than the other kids from town. Miss sally was a shy and quiet kid and liked to keep to herself. She didn't have any friends, for they all thought she was a freak. She loved horror movies and gore and anything bloody and nasty. Though, she never thought of actually doing that to somebody, or something. She was generally sweet when she had to be, and went to town every once in a while to buy stuff for the farm, but other than that, she stayed at home and played in the field with her dog, Max. Sally and Max were best pals, and nothing could ever separate the two. Miss sallys' father, George, worked hard. He had to in order to keep his daughter happy. Although, she never knew why he had to work so hard to make her happy. She never wanted anything new, she never asked for anything, she wasn't a picky eater, so she just ate whatever was in the pantry, she found anything entertaining, so she just did or played with whatever they had. She was set and happy, though her father spent almost all his money on her, even though he honestly didn't need to. One day, Miss Sally was playing in the field with Max when her dad told her that he had a job and he wouldn't be back until the next day. Miss sally didn't have any family other than her father, so she stayed home alone when George had a job. He kissed her forehead goodbye, and set out on his horse. Miss Sally had never been alone for more than a few hours, so she was half scared, and half excited. The day turned into night, and Miss Sally was still in the field. Her daddy always told her never to be in the field at night, and tonight, she was going to find out why. She was out there for three and a half hours before a flock of buzzards coming her way. They swooped down, and ripped out both of her eyes. She screamed in terror as her red, thick, salty blood rushed out of her sockets. She screamed and screamed for an hour, but nobody heard her. Miss sally soon remembered the huge pond in the field. She hasn't learned to swim yet. She was afraid of drownding in it. What Miss Sally didn't know, was that she was standing right next to the pond. She then slipped on the wet ground next to it. She let out one final scream as she disappeared into the pond, never to be found again.

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This is a true story.
When i was about three years old me and my family lived in a old house in Texas. Well i was playing in my room with my dolls at my tea set table. When this little girl appears. She has really pale skin, dark eyes, black hair, and a white dress and had blood on it, but i didn't know that at the time. She saw me looking at her. "Can you see me?!" She said. "Can't everyone." I said smiling at her. "No..." she said looking down. "You want to play with me?" I said. "Sure" she replied with a smile. "What's your name. I'm Katelin?" I asked. "My name is Emily" she said smiling back. We played for a while when my mom walks in. "Katelin it's almost bed ti..." she stopped talking and her eyes widened. She was staring where Emily was at. Emily got scared and dropped the dol then disappeared. "Mom!!! You scared off Emily!" "Who is Emily? And how did make your doll float?" "My doll wasn't floating Emily was holding it and Emily is my new friend." "Okay well its bed time go to sleep." "Ok mama." She turned off my lights and closed my door. Then Emily came back. "I have to go to bed. Goodnight Emily." i said. "Goodnight Katelin." Then i fell asleep.

The next morning i had to be rushed to the hospital for blooding too much. I woke up with three inch deep cuts in my arms. No one knew who did it. Then i went back home with stitches. My parents dropped me off at home with my grandparents then when to the store. Me and Emily were playing and then i wanted a snake so we went to the kitchen where my grandma was cooking supper. "Can i have a cookie Memo? Oh and one.more for Emily too." "Who is Emily?" "Katelin don't... please she will send me away!" Emily whispered to me a little scared. "No she won't. Your my friend. Emily is my friend Memo." "Then why can't i see her?" "Because she is standing right behind you silly" i said gleefully. My grandma turned around a little scared and then said "Katelin there is no one there." "Yes she is! She just doesn't want you to see her. She said that you would send her away." Then Emily got a cookie and gave it to me. My grandma was really scared now. She grabbed my hand and took me to my grandpa and got him up and we said prayers around my house until she just disappeared. We all thought she was gone but i knew she wasn't. She is still here abd i can still see her. I wish she would just go away.

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In a classic day of Saint Valentine, a group of friends decided to camp in a forest a few kilometers from their village. The group consisted of three men: Raul, David and Mark, and four girls: Lidia, Alba, Natalia and Aroa. They recently who had joined the group, they were the typical people whom insulted each other and sometimes even played nasty jokes on themselves, but ended up accepting each other.

When stores were ready, they went to look for firewood and made a fire to cook dinner. And smores, they began telling stories of ghost, frights occurred that night and after a good time of laughter,they all went to sleep. Mark woke up. He had a nightmare. He sat up and a chill ran down her spine; it was cold. Uneasily he opened his sleeping bag, he grabbed a coat and lantern and went for a walk.

I will not see a snobby, Marcos said.

So he turned on the flashlight and then wished he hadn't turned it on because Natalia was hanging on the branch of a tree, choked and with empty eye sockets. Then he heard a branch creak and turned. He saw a hooded person, who unsheathed a katana and quickly approached him. Marcos had no time to escape, not even scream, only felt a slight cut in the neck and nothing else. The hooded guy chuckled while Marcos was beheaded.

Raul woke up and saw that Marcos had not left the store and went to the girls tent. He was horrified to see that Lidia and Alba were dismembered, but Lidia missing arms and Alba her legs .

He ran as fast as he could to the store to warn David. He awoke David and told him what happened. Raul could see fear in his eyes, despite the paled face he had ,Raul believed him and they prepared to go look for the others, "if they had survived""that is". Five minutes were enough to find the bodies of Natalia and Mark; Natalia eyeless and Mark headless.

After much searching, they saw an abandoned house and went to have a look, if Aroa had hidden there from the murderer. Inside there was a stench smell of rotten meat and every time they took a step, the wood creaked so much that it seemed that it was gonna sink at any time. They decided to separate; Raul would go for the upstairs and the downstairs for David. David walked into a room, which turned out to be the kitchen. He deduced that the stench came from there, so he opened the refrigerator, which had already decomposed flesh.the smell gaved him nausea to vomit, but was retained by a loud scream, followed by a blow to the ground.

He went upstairs and saw Raul on the floor, surrounded in a pool of scarlet blood and an ax stuck in his forehead. He lacked hair. He felt a presence behind and ... fell asleep. When he awoke tier by his wrists and ankles; he was tied hand and foot. The spoke a voice, but it was not any voice, it was a well-known voice of Aroa.

Go, go, go; Marcos the athlete, Raul the guy who flirts at everybody, Lidia the bitch, and Alba and Natalia the highschool whores, My plan goes perfectly she said with a sly smile.

W-wait what plan? Did you killed them? David said.

Of course. What did you think, that I would forget everything you have done to me? I've never had friends, and yet y'all mock me. You harmed me too much. But my plan will not be ready until you die!.

Aroa took an ax and cuts a leg from David and he screamed in pain. Without having time to say something, he realized that the other leg was next, and she cut it too.

Please Aroa, Stop it! David roared.

You know I'll kill you, and you can not do anything Aroa said with a grin. But before I die I want you to see what I'll use you.

She opened a box that had Natalia's eyes, the head of Marcos, Raul's hair, arms and legs of Lidia and Alba. She also took out a needle and a thimble for sewing.

I'll let your mind think what I'll do. I'll give you a hint, what I want from you is your torso.

The she picked up the ax and cut off an arm. Then the other. David and began to die from blood loss, but Aroa opened his mouth to dictate its end. And said:

As my grandmother said, if you have no friends, make them yourself.

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The Couple In The Lake

Their once was two kids who were both 14, named Anna and Kate.

They both were going camping, so they trailed into a small forest, looking for a good site. Then, they came across a lake so wide it looked like you couldn't go over it.

Anna and Kate were surprised to see two heads sticking out of the water. One was a man, the other was a woman.

The woman wore a veil on her head. Anna shouted out to the two heads, "Hello?" No answer. They noticed the best camping site on the other side of the lake.

Then the next day they did the same thing, Still no answer.

On the third day, Anna and Kate decided to tell the police about the strangers. Police did a search on the lake, and the two strangers were people who died in early 1987, who were drowned with balls chained around their necks right after their Wedding Ceremony in that very forest.

That night, when Anna and Kate went to sleep, to ghostly figures appeared before them. It was the husband and wife, Barbara Meadow and George Meadow.

They thanked Kate and Anna for finally noticing them.

For the last and final time, Anna and Kate went to have a ceremony for Barb and George, but when they got to the lake they were in for a surprise.

The lake was gone, the bodies too, and the perfect site lay before them.

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Sex and black satin sheet's

sex and black satin sheet's is....( PG-13)

Roberts skin is just a little bit light
in fact he doesn't have a tan at all.
But he has the sexiest green eye's
I've ever seen!
Looking into his eye's just makes me want to slide my pantie's right off!
Driving my black B.M.W. to the north side of town.
Smelling the Chinese food next to me. It was just a gimmick.
To do another movie night with Robert biting my lip.
All I can think of is the lustful sex we had last night.
His body is perfectly toned.
Every muscle is just perfect and delicious!
And his dick hangs just right!
It's like a buffet between his leg's...... I just can't get enough!
I don't know what it is about him.
He has All the Right Move's,
and he know's what to do.
He does everything perfect
and I didn't know a man could do that.
Knocking on Roberts door he answered the door in just a towel, still steaming hot from a hot shower.
I smiled biting my lip holding up the Chinese food saying
( I'm hungry ! )
looking down at the towel.
Even holding the towel you can tell he is hung like a f♡cking horse!
As I walked into the house he shut the door ,walking down the hall, wearing nothing but the sky blue towel.
Putting the Chinese food on the fancy cabinet in the hall I snuck up behind him grabbing him by the waist.
Feeling his rock-hard ab's.
I move my hand's up touching his nipple's, as they got hard.
Sucking on his ear from behind I said
( I'm hungry ! )
He just laughed a little, saying
( you brought the Chinese food. )
That's when I took the towel off him leaving him standing in front of me naked, throwing his towel behind me saying,
( I don't want Chinese food ! )
Robert smiled turning around as I kiss him grabbing his dick with one hand
and clawing his back with the other.
He grabbed me and carried me up the stair's.
Laying on his bed
I almost slipped off the black satin sheet's.
He started unbuttoning my shirt and all I could do is bite my lip, as I watched him standing in front of me, and I'm talking about watching all of him!
Saying to him in a soft voice...... (you look so good!)
From his muscular arm's
to his chest
with his ab's going straight down
to his dick.
His muscular leg's are toned
just right,
and he has a lot of enthusiasm!
last time he made me come 5 times.
I was so exhausted
all I can do is lay there and sweat!
He grabbed my breast going down on me once more.
Robert gently grab me by the chin raising my head looking at me in the eye's
and in soft voice saying
( what are you thinking.....?¿? )
That's when I just smiled saying
( I was thinking of last night
and how perfect it was. )
Robert just smiled saying
( don't worry about last night
worry about tonight ! )
as he smiled at me Gently bushing my hair out of my eye's .
he grabbing my grey skirt and pantie's yanking them off in one quick movement.
I kind of giggled to myself because he's so damn strong !
He got on top of me kissing me passionately as I sucked on his tongue.
I was about to say something
but he put his finger over my mouth saying ( be quiet !
just listen to the rain outside ) as he sucked on my breast sliding his tongue down my stomach as he spread my leg's apart.
I looked up at the ceiling taking a deep breath !
I just kept thinking to myself
oh my God........he's so good !!!
As he came back up biting on my ear and sucking on my neck he started to push doing everything just right !
He's kind of thick so he has to work really's hard to handle !
But he's just right
in all the right place's
a girl couldn't ask for more!
Scratching his back I'm already at round 3 gasping for air
as he grab me throwing me on top as I start riding him.
I feel myself tensing up !
I can't handle it,
and that's when I noticed his eye's glowing green with a little bit of red tent to them.
I know what he is!
I'm thinking......but not quite sure.....I can't really I scream !
oh God.........I can't hold it !
Tensing up and screaming
I fall on him as my hair covers him up breathing really heavy in his ear
he can feel my heartbeat against his chest sticky hot and sweaty .
I don't know how much more I can handle !
he grab's my ass pushing it a little bit more as I take a deep breath moaning in his ear.
And that's when he grabbed me by the waist putting me under him again ,
and this time he slid one of his fang's on my breast going down on me again !
Taking his time
suddenly I felt a pinch on my inner thigh.
He came up with a little bit of blood around his lip's.......I knew what he did.
I've been begging Robert for so long.
His eye's were glowing bright green
and his fang's were out !
He bit his lip and told me to kiss him.
Passionately kissing him sucking on his tongue and his lip breathing really heavy I felt my heart beating super fast !!!
He put both his hand's under my breast's. feeling my heart beating a million mile's a minute !
Robert whispered into my ear
( please don't be scared
this happen's to all of us
it's part of the change. )
As my light brown eye's turn black
I screamed grabbing my chest scraping it with my nail's leaving blood track's.
Robert could feel me getting stronger as he grabbed me by the waste scooting me up towards the head of the bed again.
As he put's it in me I grab the headboard screaming !
closing my eye's
because he's so damn big!
I broke the headboard in half squeezing it too hard !
Robert just smiled
seeing the change made him happy
you could tell.
And that's when my heart started going fast too fast !
and that's when he got off me and lay next to me kissing me on the forehead,
and in a soft voice saying
( I can't wait till you wake up my love. )
Looking into his eye's I was a little on the scared side......I won't lie.
That's whan he grabbed me by the shoulder's as I grab my heart holding my breath.......then I let out a scream !
I kind of kicked a little clenching my teeth
and screaming !!!
and that's when I died totally relaxing going unconscious.
Robert dress me in a nice black dress making the bed and laying me on top.
The change doesn't happen overnight .
it take's about a week.
On a Tuesday around 1 in the afternoon
I opened my eye's
When you're a newborn vampire your eye's start out red and then fade back to your natural color.
At least that's what Robert explain to me.
But I really didn't care what color my eye's were.
As Robert gave me a glass of blood
I drink it extremely fast feeling
the hunger.......I was so hungry !!!
Looking at Robert sitting up in my black dress with my red eye's focused on him
I said
( I have to have more wiping the blood off my lip's. )
I smelled and that's when I said
( I have such a hunger right now
please give me another glass of blood. )
Robert did
and I drink it throwing the glass against the wall to the left.
I tore his shirt open saying
( I still have a hunger ! )
Robert just smiled saying
( you want more blood...? )
I just smiled with blood dripping off my lip down between my breast's saying
( no......I want you ! )

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First day of School, I was a newbie. My teacher came in the classroom and ask each one of us to introduce ourselves. My turn now, and I said... "Hi my name's Charlie Victor I'm 9 years old." Then all of a sudden someone throw books at the classroom door, our teacher went over to check it out. Then I saw him, he was all bruise up, dirt all over him, I even saw cuts all over his face, and arm. Looks like he got beat up all over. Then one of my classmate saw me look curiously shocked and whispered "Hey Charlie, what are you looking? You look like you've seen a ghost or something." I shrugged it off and went back sitting down then the teacher came back in and said, must've been some other students playing first day pranks. Anyways children carry on who's next?
At lunch break, I sit alone at the cafeteria table when I saw him again but this time its weird because he looks like he's walking towards me, then he sits down. He said, "Hey there saw you at class this morning sorry to interrupt your speech I was just having a bad day, I'm Jeff by the way, you're new here right?" He said...
Normally I don't talk to anyone I'm like the shy type of kid, But then I find my self chatting with Jeff.
"Um yeah, I'm.. Char---" he cut me off, he said, "Yeah Charlie right? Nice to meet you well enjoy your lunch, I gotta go see ya tomorrow, Bye."
Then I saw him walk away, then I kinda notice everyone was looking at me funny, like really strange, I wonder why. I finished my food and went head to my afternoon class. I was making my way to the classroom when I heard people talking, Guys did you know they found Jeff's body in the junkyard he was beat up so badly that the killer hit his head that hard and he died instantly, really painful death. Oh my God! Who could have done that? Said the other student.. Then I was making my way when one of the other student approach me and said, "Yo Charlie right?" I said, "Yes?" Then he said, I saw and heard you from the Cafeteria today, You were talking alone what was that? Are you the new weirdo around here since Jeff died?" I was shocked by what he said, that means the kid I met today was the same Jeff who died. I was talking to a ghost that whole time. Since then, I didn't went back to that School, I ask my mom to get me a transfer to other School.

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