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Beef 'n' sausage macaroni bake
Dinner tonight, 9 September , 2017.
Easy and so delicious , great for a cold fall day.

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Turkey-stuffed peppers
Dinner tonight, 7 september, 2017
Delicious and creamy , cheesy dish, serve with salad or rice

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Tortellini bake
Dinner tonight 3 september, 2017
Easy and very delicious dinner , great for everyday or dinner guest.

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Tuscan baked chicken and beans
Dinner tonight , 30 August , 2017
Absolutely delicious , great with any green salad or rice

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Mushroom soup
Dinner tonight, 29 August 2017
Very easy soup, and very tasty, my favourite go-to soup, great as a small starter as well.

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Masala chickpea Buddha bowl
Dinner tonight, 26 August , 2017
Firstime trying out Buddha bowls , and its definitely not the last time , absolutely delicious . ( You can cheat and buy pre-made Masala sauce )

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Frikadeller (Danish meatballs)
Dinner tonight, 23 August, 2017
One of the Danes favourite , classic way to served it with potatoes and gravy and pickled red cabbage

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Home-style butterbeans recipe
Side dish tonight, 22 August, 2017
Great side dish, great with any beef dish,

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Easy hummus spiral wraps
Lunch today , 28 July , 2017
Just too delicious, make sure to get loads of roasted peppers, so sweet and delicious , very fulfilling

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Greek steak pitas with dill sauce
Dinner tonight, 27 July, 2017
So delicious , very easy to make, would be great for such as well. I used whole wheat pitas
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