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Saya menggunakan VPN untuk melindungi diri secara online & membuka semua blokir situs web. Aplikasi ini cukup mengesankan. Anda dapat mengunduh aplikasi ini dari

I can login .... 

Cant log in with google!! What do I do??

Guys, lost my phone last night and somehow the aplication is sayng the the user is disabled when i try to log in, does anyone know what should i do?

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Tại sao tôi đăng nhập tài khoản google lại báo lỗi nội bộ?

Hi, what happens is that my device was blocked because he said the sim card is changed and it was not so,  theftie not have signal and facing error while sign in google email. What I can do

Where are the pictures located on my device?

This APP e SHIT for o Dual-Phone.

Constantly it activates the 2nd IMEI which causes the SMS to the 1st number. I asked for help to Support and got no answer. I'll uninstalled  and not recommend to those who have Dual-Sim
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