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Pedophile worshiper Naaz Modan wrote a piece for CNN called "How America has silently accepted the rage of white men". She talks about how mass killings are usually caused by white men, and for this reason the problem is never addressed. Another liar for CNN!

First, most violent crime is not caused by white men, and second mass killings represent 1% of all gun related deaths in America. Her argument that gun violence is ignored because of white politicians falls apart quickly when you realize that actually 52.2% of murders (in 2013) were comitted by black people and for whites it is 45.3% (the statistics includes Hispanic Americans so it would be even less if they took out that part of the equation)--now let us look at the statistics for in relation to population sizes of these demographics: 0.01% of Black or African American population (4,379/38,929,319)
0.0017% of White American and Hispanic American population (3,799/223,553,265). The fact remains that violence and gun violene is statistically NOT a white related issue. When it comes to gun violence the biggest portion of the problem is black on black crime in areas that have strict gun control. Fake News like CNN might lie but for Middle America we are not sheep.

I will not give up my right to protection while the Left promotes anarchy. ANTIFA is denying conservative Americans' natural right to freedom of speech and they are vadalizing and burning down our properties. Black Lives Matter is looting, committing arson, and murdering white people and we are supposed to give in and accept their facist ways--never!

Colin Kaepernick has sunk to a new low, and the NFL hates cops and white people. Kaepernick donated $25,000 to a group named after a convicted cop killer (Assata Shakur).

Colin Kaepernick also (back in 2016) wore socks of cops depicted as pigs. It is horrible that the NFL would not let the Dallas Cowboys wear decals to support the police officers who were shot by Black Lives Matter; yet, the NFL does not mind that NFL players follow in the footsteps of a man (as Kaepernick has shown through his actions) supports violence directed at police officers. The NFL uses the excuse of freedom speech when NFL players kneel; they are liars, as they cannot support freedom of speech for people who support fallen police officers who were murdered by a hate group.

The Left and the liberal media hypocritically did not stand up for the rights of the Dallas Cowboys when they were denied their freedom of speech to wear the decals to honor the fallen police officers killed by the black supremacist Micah Xavier Johnson.

The NFL has joined the company of the Left, as they are both supporting violence and extremism. Stop worshiping Kaepernick and find a real hero!

Dylann Roof shot up a church and the media went into an uproar. Emanuel Kidega Samson, a 25 year-old refugee from Sudan shot nine victims (killing one) at a church in Nashville, Tennessee; the liberal media ignored this story--if a white man is a killer then they freak out and blame the Republicans, but if a black person from a Muslim country does it they do not mind.

Will Chuck Schrumer have a press conference and cry for the victims harmed by a refugee?--no!--because the killer was a black person from a Muslim country on Trump's travel ban. It is only politically correct to hate white people.

Nancy Pelosi cares about the well-being of illegal immigrants, not white Americans (unless you mutilated your genitalia and use the wrong bathroom, then she loves you). She even tells illegals it is a "great thing" to disrespect America's laws and illegally bring your children to this country.

The Democrats claim you support white supremacy if you do not support or applaud privileged NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem as a form of "freedom of speech"--but Democrats do not fight for the rights of the people on the conservative side of the political aisle--they do not criticize ANTIFA and other liberals from denying certain people their ability to exercise their freedom of speech at Berkeley and other college campuses across America.

The Democrats do not really care about equality; they obviously do not care about getting social justice for white Americans. Many white Americans are looking for jobs and trying to make enough money for their families. Many white families are being destroyed by the opioid crisis. When will the Democrats care about the majority of Americans?--maybe never. The Democrats have always been the racist party.

Colin Kaepernick is a liberal hero, just like hijab wearing pedophile worshipers (yes, Muhammad is a pedophile)--he is a liberal hero just like the men who cut off their digit between their legs. Kaepernick is on the same metaphysical level of liberal marvel as the emasculated. These NFL players who kneel deserve our understanding, as I would not expect it to be comfortable to stand after having a scalpel taken to your manhood on live television.

The liberal virus has made the NFL its own worst enemy. I am sure many viewers will no longer tune in to watch the game. Look at how the NFL treated a war hero (an actual hero); when the Pittsburgh's Steelers competed in Chicago on Soldier Field (this irony is piercing); they disrespected this nation's soldiers and veterans--the only player from the Steelers that came out of the locker room to stand for the national anthem was Alejandro Villanueva; he served the nation as an Army Ranger and served three tours in Afghanistan--he also has a Bronze Star--the NFL did not treat this hero well; Mike Tomlin (the head coach for the Steelers) said, "Like I said, I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team."--Mike Tomlin thinks it is disrespectful to choose to respect this nation's soldiers and veterans instead of feeding the egos of privileged football players who make millions of dollars a year--it seems this coach does not have respect for his players, as he is against their freedom of speech being used to show their patriotism.

It is also ironic that the game where the Steelers played when this liberal nonsense transpired was Chicago. A city that is plagued with violence; the biggest and deadliest threat for black people there is black on black crime (mostly from gangs), not from police officers.

I was never a NASCAR fan, but I might be now after seeing how well they are handling this liberal nonsense. People like former NASCAR champion Richard Petty said they would fire anyone on their team who does not stand for the national anthem.

The irony of the NFL is piercing; they forgot that the word "National" is in their name. There is nothing national about the National Football League.

This group was made as a response to the group called "The Conservative Union". I will not randomly banish you as they will. And this is a home for conservatives, but I welcome all people of various political ideologies and leanings.

This group is for all kinds of conservatives: fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, libertarians, neoconservatives, and paleoconservatives. I look forward to any and all contributions.

Being apart really does make the heart grow stronger. I have spent about four years or more (I am starting to lose track of time) in China. I have not been to my homeland for about three years now. Time goes by fast and I have grown a stronger appreciation for where I come from and its culture. I often find myself missing the cornfields of central Illinois.

My experiences have given me the ability to relate to being a foreigner in a foreign land. One experience is important for me to share. The Chinese company I legally worked for in China fired me in order to replace me with an illegal alien in order to save money. I was also denied my severance package, because I was told the law on this matter does not apply to foreigners (it does apply--yes, white people can face racism too). When I demanded my rights my boss went into a swearing fit. To me the issue of legal immigration is personal. I have a family to feed. Illegal immigration cost me my job and it caused me, a legal alien, to be abused by the system. One cannot support illegal immigration if they care for legal immigrants and legal aliens. Illegal immigration hurts legal immigrants.
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