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Small Arms and Light Weapons Market -Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Analysis, 2017 – 2025

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Rosa Fujihami:
IGN: May Fujioka
Gender: Female
Avatar Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 8/05
Weapons: Rose gem one handed sword (2), Pistol, Shot gun.
Level: 37
Credits: 2,000,000

SAO Appearance:
Short, Curly Brown hair, Red dress, Purple eyes, Can wear armor when needed.

SAO Appearance 2:
Long Red Straight Hair, Red Trench coat with black trim and a black bow, Two black bows on the both sides of the head, Black pants, Long brown boots.

GGO Appearance:
Long, Straight Red Hair, in a pony tail, Red dress (Short front, Long back), Black stockings, Red boots with a white stripe.

Real Appearance:
Long Purple hair with a braid from ear to ear, School girl outfit.

Dive Appearance (When You put the headgear on)
Long red hair, Pladd soft Pajama pants, White tank top.
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Anyone wanna rp?

Game name: Lili
Real name: Lilion
Game age: 17
Real age: 13
SAO Appearance: Light brown hair, yellow dress, dark brown eyes
First ALO Appearance: Dark (or light) brown untied hair, blue dress
Second ALO Appearance: Hair the same, green dress, brown eyes
Gungale Appearance: (Same as SAO look)
Real Appearance: Blue jumper with black tie, short grey skirt, untied hair
Likes: Her friends
Dislikes: Bullies, idiots
Bio: ~Find out in RP~

(I'll upload a picture from my laptop ASAP)

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SGM Jack M. Benjamin

Sgt. Steele


>Real Life: Male
>Avatar Gender: Male

M4A1 Carbine

June 27

Kind, Courageous, Polite, Generous, Serious, Calm, Inquisitive, Special Forces Operative Like



>Real Life: 5 Foot 9 Inches
>In Game: 5 Foot 9 Inches

>Real Life: 213lbs
>In Game: Same As Real Life


Jack M. Benjamin, known as Steele among GGO Player's, in real life, is a Special Force's Operator in the United States Army's 75th Ranger Regiment, he is attached to the 2nd Battalion's Bravo Company. However in his Childhood, he was a Gamer, he had been part of MLG, and was one of the first people to buy Sword Art Online when it came out. However, as many know now, SAO had turned into a game of Survival, as the Creator, Akihiko Kayaba, trapped 10,000 Player's inside the game. the Sergeant Major, Jack, was one of them, however despite being trapped, he tried to help give others the will to keep moving, and not give up hope, however, he realized that the Assault Group's would need more people, so he went to the Frontlines... He was one of the members of the Knight's of the Blood Oath, and had participated in the assault on Laughing Coffin's Headquarters. Eventually they had reached the 75th Boss, which during that time, Heathcliffe revealed himself to be the Creator of SAO, and had paralyzed every player in the room, except Kazuto Kirigaya, Kirito... he watched as the Vice Commander of his Guild, Asuna Yuuki, sacrifice herself as Kayaba brought his sword down on Kirito... Despite Kirito being hit, he saw the Beater take the form of what seemed to be a Ghost, which led to Kayaba being killed... He never really knew what happened to Asuna, until much later, but he had eventually met with Kazuto Kirigaya in Real Life, to thank him for saving him and the rest of the remaining 6,000 Players who had survived the game... However he was eventually called to the Frontlines in the Real World... to fight a Terrorist Cell in the Middle East...

[Returning Home]

After the last successful Operation that led to the destruction of a large Terrorist Cell, Jack had returned home, along with his wife, who was among the members of Ranger 2nd Battalion Bravo Company, that had went on the operation. However, unlike his Wife, he had began to suffer from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which was inflicted from the results of the Operation, the fact that he had made a very flawed decision, as he had seen the shadows of what looked like armed combatants, he had then thrown a M27 Fragmentation Grenade, killing, NOT Armed Combatants, but Innocent Women and Children. A few weeks after returning home, he seeked the help from a old time friend of his, who was in the Psychiatry Field. She had directed him to Gun Gale Online, as a form of Exposure Therapy. He was very hesitant at first, because of his experience in the Field, as well as the SAO Incident. However, she had informed him that GGO has been out for awhile, and was made by an American Company on a very safe device, called the Amusphere. He then began to play GGO, his PTSD began to gradually decrease, and he began to increase in rank faster than most as he played, he felt it was related to his Military Experience. So he continued playing, he began to participate in the BoB Tournaments, coming close multiple times to winning, however he was surprised at the skill of the player's who he knew for sure were just your average gamer. Despite this he was determined to go on. And he kept grinding away at the game. He finally reached Level 85, by the time of the 3rd BoB, which he decided to sit out. However, the Death Gun Incident happened, which reminded him of the SAO Incident... in particularly since he recognized the Player who was Death Gun... Red Eyed XaXa. Whom he had remembered been one of the Laughing Coffine Survivors... this shook him up very much... Now he continues playing GGO to get rid of his PTSD almost completely
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Name: Spike Pallins
IGN: Omega
Gender: Male
Avatar Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: 7-20
Weapons: Minigun, Heavy assault rifle
Level: 200
Credits: 2,000,000
Height: 6'2
IG Height: 6'2
Wieght: 150 lbs
IG Weight: 170 lbs
Bio: A skilled player in multiple mmos across the world, Spike decided to take a crack at Vrmmos. He immediately became good at SAO and GGO, and became a multi-time BOB champ. He hates to lose and will always help others, and will always give up winning for a friend.
(He looks pretty much the same IRL and IG. He does not have the helmet for the armor)
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Name: Hanako Aki
In Game Name: Hanaki
Gender: Female
Avatar Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday(year is not needed): 12/15
Weapon(s): Sniper rifle and a plain pistol
Level(maximum 250): 1
Credits: 10000 (starting amount)
Personality: Quiet, Odd, Calm, Sweet, Supportive
Height/size(no need to be exact): 5'4
In Game Height/size(still no need to be exact): 5'6
Weight/size(you can just say thin or something):  114 lbs.
In Game Weight/size(same as normal weight): 124 lbs.
Bio(make your character as awesome as you!): Hanako was born into a rich family, and often got what she wanted. Her parents were very strict until the point where she couldn't take it. She moved to the inlands of Japan, where her grandparents lived. They were still strict, but more understanding than her parents. For her 16th birthday, she was given an AmuSphere, as well as a copy of GGO. She was more into fantasy games, but she decided to give it a go, where she fell in love with the game almost immediately.
Appearance: first pic: real life second pic: game
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Is... anyone still on?

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Guild: Laughing Coffin

1. Shinkawa Kyouji (me)

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Name: Kyouji Shinkawa
Weapon choice: AK-47 and pistol 
Personality: kind, psychotic, perverted, pushy, smart
Best ranges: speed, stealth, strength
Likes: Asada, GGO, being stronger
Level: 45
Credits: 1,248,140
Dislikes: being weak, not getting what he wants, being bullied
Bio in real life: Kyouji is the second son of the director of a hospital. Kyouji was bullied at school and was also being pressured by his parents to succeed them, therefore he gave up on reality and turned to the virtual world. He believed that being strong in virtual world would cover his weakness in the real world. He later developed a hatred towards XeXeeD, as well as other STR-oriented players, for suggesting players to focus on raising their AGI parameter, which later turned out to be a bad choice as a STR focused build turned out to be better in the long run due to such players being able to wield heavier guns, thus destroying Spiegel's development.
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