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Exciting things coming our way!

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The Maritime Club Presents Red Heaven Live On OSGrid @ 3PM PDT
To get to this event go to OSgrid by putting into your firestorm map and then click find and TP. When you arrive on OSgrid put Maritime Club Belfast in your address bar hit enter and follow the signs   

Red Heaven is a Canadian band which plays original, full-band rock music. Weaving post-grunge metal with Turkish, Indian and African motifs, layers of vocal harmonies and dirty, gritty guitar-driven rhythms, critics call Red Heaven “purely, ethereally beautiful” and “refreshing” with a “killer voice.” Red Heaven never bores, never stalls, never draws from the same well twice.

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Hi! Here is something that I think might interest you. It is a write-up On Lisa in WIVR Women In Virtual Reality. It is an interview that they did with her. It will give you a good idea of the extensive experience she has in the technology that IMA supports. Check it out!

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Tomorrow’s Infinite Metaverse Alliance Q&A session is moving to Bill Blight’s OpenSim Life Grid!
We figured we should check out some other OpenSim grids and get a taste of what’s out there! Bill was kind enough to actually dedicate a region to IMA called IMA Outpost Gamma. Come sit at the bar with us, grab a beer and join in a wonderful discussion of whatever comes up! After the Q&A feel free to check out the jet skis, hang gliders, pontoons, tubes, dancing and the Greedy Dice game. Try not to run into a tree on a jet ski like I did! (It is fun though!)

Come a bit early to get everything rezzed!

Here’s the details:

Date: Friday April 28

Time: USA Times: 4:30PM Eastern 1:30PM Pacific or SLT.

Place: Just HG over to- Outpost Gamma

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Steve LaVigne

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First Annual Open Simulator User Survey from IMA is ready! We are really looking forward to hearing from the community. :)

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This is the survey that Lisa did about OpenSim and other Virtual World platforms. It is really quite interesting what the results were. Security is a big issue for a lot of people- Including me!
Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey! While the number was small, the subset of the community based on how they identify is very diverse. We are going to be doing a more in-depth analysis (correlation investigations related to interest in authoring versus platform for example) and hosting a discussion when that is completed.

But, we wanted to publish the summary analytics for all those interested. We did find some quite interesting, and in some cases surprising, results. For now, you can get involved in a discussion and ask questions on this topic - we welcome the discussion! Here is a link to the summary analytics:

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We've sold 56 regions and 9 Dedicated servers so far, Come get yours!

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OpenSim+Moodle All in One Portable System on Windows for education is released.

OpenSim 0.9.0-RC1(includes Money Server), Moodle 3.2+(includes Modlos, Sloodle), Xampp 3.2.2
Modlos is Web interface for OpenSim

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