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this will probably be the last post i ever do in this community :( i just want to thank every member of the clans last summer i was going through a hard time at that point and it really lifted me up when i played with this clan once again thank you everyone for everything you guys have done ;-; :-)

Everybody else is gone tho. If this doesn't turn around soon I'm making a new clan completely unrelated to anti or any other clans

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hey guys its infinite and I'm just wondering if anyone wants to play

Whats up guys. Just wondering where you all are at :/ I guess you guys are probably busy with school

Ghost You Know That SCOPE Wants In On XV If You Know Me Very Damn Well-Scope Nice Talkin With You-

(P.S Lets Try To Make Meeting Each Other Actually happen mk? xD

well bye i well try to c u arounf 4-5:00 mkk

Just another random post :/
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