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Hello, my name is Ian Wilson.

I am a single young man (almost 20) who is seeking to understand what it means to be a real man and I appreciate any guidance I can get in that area. At many times it is hard and feels like it truly is a lost art, but I'm willing to fight for to bring it back.

I love reading books loaded with good content and information about business, entrepreneurship and manhood - hanging out with friends and being outdoors.

I run small blog with a close friend in regard to this topic and would love for you guys to check it out! +Fighting the Good Fight

I look forward to learning much, having great conversation and making connections! #introduction

"You can help your friends make better decisions just by your example. But to be a good example, you must have a clear foundation of who you are." - Tony Dungy

#inspire #friendship #betheexample #bealeader
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