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|| Welcome to MLP Adoption Center ||

This community is for everyone to join! In this community you will be able to adopt or give away a pony! I would also like to thank everyone for 3k members! Other than that , please read the rules before posting anything ;


Any stolen artwork that are shown in this community will be removed. If the same person person post a second stolen artwork they will be banned. Please do not steal or use any artwork that are not yours unless you will be able to prove to me it is yours.

Anybody who uses pony creator for adoption more than once will be banned. Please do not tell me that you can't draw because that's really not a good excuse. Please do not use any pony creator from any apps/ websites and many more. You only get 1 warning if you do so.

I'm sure i don't really have to explain this rule. But if you are one of those people who are butthurt all the time please pay attention. People who are rude/using swear words/ or any other mean content will either be banner or get a warning. If i get many reports of the same person breaking this rule they will be banned. Please do not have me solve silly problems that are easily to solve.

Please do NOT post any "Reshare" post or anything related to those. If the same person breaks this rule more than once they will be banned. " Reshare " post will be removed. I hope i made myself clear and people can actually stop resharing these post.

Please do not recolor any character from the show or from any artwork. That's bad and you should feel bad. I'm sure everyone will be able to follow this rule so there's really nothing to explain. If you do not know what Recoloring is, its basically using someone character and changing the color or draw over their design.

Thank you for taking your time to read the rules. If you got any suggestions / questions please tell me and i will be able to answer them immediately. Have a nice day!

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MYO Event has started you all will be aloud to may commom and rare dream wolfs please use the # to get them approved use #Approvemydreamwolf
if you want to make another one it will be 5 points each

How to enter
1) +1 this post
2) reshare the post twice

you may be asking when is thus over it will end on oct 20th
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Come check out these babs out also make your own the the MYO event happening right now remember to join

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All are open, 1 point each

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Adopt dis little Angry Cat He's not a pony who caaare

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I will make you a free oc of my new species, just comment the code word and your choices from the first pi, this will come with a free drawing

a distant relative of the changeling, oracnomorphs are flightless, spiderlike creatures that can change form and shoot liquid silk from their fangs. Like changelings they feed on love. So far there are no known reformed hives, but there are two un-reformed hives that I have created. My main focus is the hive of Spinnerette, a young queen trying to establish a hive in the dragonlands. And then there is her mother Queen Chaliserae's hive hidden somewhere near Canterlot. There are three types of oracnomorph, Queens, workers and drones. Queens tend to be the mother of their hives, though in the case of young queens without mates like Spinnerette their hives can be made up of their siblings. Drones and workers work for the hive, pretty much. they are the ones who go out and gather love. (code word is Flufflepuff) Any questions, please ask (I wrote this very quickly)
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Here are the pictures that wouldn't load
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You will get a digital piece of her too
And you could choose if you want lighter or darker colors or pastel colors.
My handprints are all over it hhhhhh;;

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I have a species I'm working on called a Lepidequus. It's a butterfly pony. Not like the one rarity became, it's more complex. Do you think I should make it a closed or open species?
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