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Name: Ciera

Type: Slender Child

Weapon: Knife, claws and fangs

Gender: Female

Family: Slender man(dad), female vampire(Unknown name/mom)

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Name: Michael Shinoto

CP Name: Slasher

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Personality: Very shy around everyone, but will usually help people when they need it. A bit of a bookworm, so if you need to talk to me, check in the library, I'll probably be there.

Weapons: A simple, yet affective switchblade.

Abilities: Can fight like it's nobody's business, but doesn't fight often.

Biography: I was a normal guy until my 17th birthday, when something in my mind snapped. I killed my mother and father and ran away, not wanting to get arrested for murder, so I ran into the woods, hiding there.
Three months later, I stumbled across this university and applied, and got accepted.
Everyday, I got to my classes, then either hide away in my dorm or in the library.
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