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Save the date - KVM Forum 2018 will be going back to Edinburgh between Oct 24-26th.

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Libvirt has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2018. Now it's great time to view our ideas page (or come up with your own idea to work on) and contact us!

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In other news, Fedora 27 GNOME GTK/Pango can now render full colour emoji, which means you can have nice attractive names for virtual machines, which display well in both virt-manager and the libvirt CLI tools like virsh. Not sure this is actually genuinely useful, but its fun to see it work :-)

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can u help me slove this problem.
i install xen libvirt and virt-manger,
and i can create the vm,eg cdn1, also can run it normal.
the problem is: when is restart the xen machine ,then the vm can't run ,
the error is : Error starting domain: internal error: libxenlight failed to create new domain 'cdn21'.
in this situation,wo create a new vm name cdn22, the cdn22,also can run normal, but when i restart the xen machine again , the cdn21,cdn22 vm both can't run.
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anyone can help me solve the migrate problem with ssh?

when I migrate use ssh, the command below:

virsh migrate domain-name qemu+ssh://dest/system --live),

I get this error:

error: End of file while reading data: Ncat: no such file or directory,: input/output error

before migrate, i had already generate the ssh key pair, and copy the keys to the remote hosts.

Can anyone recommend a web ui control interface for libvirt please?
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