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Hello~ I'm Blue Pearl, The owner of the community. I'm officially welcome you to the community, please have fun and enjoy yourselves~

This community was made for fans of Steven Universe to chat and post interesting SU content for the pleasure of others. I hope that this community will become popular so more people can bond over a single interest. So please have fun~!

No Bullying Of Any Type
No Chainmail Or Spam
No Unrelated Content
No Nudity
No Posting In The Incorrect Category (if your unsure of what to put in a certain category, don't hesitate to ask someone)
Have Fun~
Respect The Mods

So again, please enjoy the content and no bullying. We may have disagreements, but that doesn't mean you can call someone stupid or dumb. Everyone has their own opinions. If you break any of the rules, you will receive a warning, after three warnings, you will be banned
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Here comes a thought

Youtuber style
drawn by: buttonsofbutter
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Garnet + Pearl = Sardonyx

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Please don't hesitate to post content. We don't want the community to look dead or empty ^^

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Hi! I'm new
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Hello ♥
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