my asus memo pad 8 mode me180a want a firmware
Install and I dont know with what
Program install i has problem with wifi please help me

Does anyone have the cwm for memo pad 8?

Is it a real android 5.1 rom or it's a lollipop theme for the 4.2 stock rom? 

Where can I find a guide for installing this Tom? Is faster than original?

thanks share this rom for me test

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What is thisrom ? is based on original? or android 5? maybe you only modded the original rom because secure boot no ones can understand what do work and kernel i havent seen no another because no information abou t that the roms for kool no ones makes because of that. i dont go to install because i dont confirm that is and 5.0 or 4.2.2 modified.... tks and keep your work

Share your work on XDA FORUM. You have more help and understand ppl on this forum they are very good.

Does this ROM have the GApps included?

How can i unlock bootloader? 
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