As the developer had no worries about helping
incompatibility that the application presents in diminishing the sound of my device when reading a notification, I went behind a solution alone to
try to solve the problem.
I found in Play Store the Volume Control application, which blocks the channels we have selected so they do not change.
That way, I can now use Read4ME.
I would like to ask a question about the application backup.
It would be possible to make a backup, also save a copy of our
license? I confess that, I was so discouraged by the disinterest of
developer by my problem that, I uninstalled the application and neither
I did not even check it out.
I have already requested new licenses but it is taking a lot.

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I ask to users that have tried Read4Me to insert a feedback on Google Play. Thank you.

Chiedo a tutti gli utenti che hanno provato Read4Me di esprimere una valutazione su Google Play.  
Per accedere alla scheda della app seguite il link in fondo a questa pagina:


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For leave a assessment of Read4Me on Google Play follow the link at the bottom of this page:

Thank you

Smart Control promotional license is valid also for Read4Me !!!! So  all features of the Read4Me PRO version will be available !!!!!

In version 1.1.6 there are some improvements in English translation. I'm still working on the translation, if anyone is interested to check them in the next days, let me know.

Hi all. I was invited to test this app but after accepting, i get an invalid google play url. Any idea why?
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