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Stream wondered the forest looking for wild berries and plants that she could harvest and sell at her stand in the marketplace, to help support both her and Star, her sister in their day to day lives. She knew the forest quite well by now, each bush and pond holding a memory ftom the past.

I have no creativity any more XD

Hidden away from prying eyes the cocoon housing the demon Lilith begins to crack open as Ducard, the doppleganger of Erron, and a third man in a hood all kneel before it. The cocoon shatters as Lilith stands amid the wreckage fully reformed as she looks around 'Lady Lilith, you have returned.' Ducard says as he looks up at her

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+Tarvik +QueenNik Soo.....I'm bored out of my mind....either of you have any ideas for a new RP post.....maybe we could finally finish off the stuff from the other posts (i.e. the demon/person/thing gets released finally??) Because...well......meh....

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Yet another fun bit of trivia, and a sign of my nerdiness.

Fil's voice (How I imagine him sounding)....and maybe some of his appearance and powers.... are like Alucard from the anime known as Hellsing. The video below is an example of the english dubbed voice....

Fil walks to a large cliffside overlooking the ocean during the night and projects some of his power into the air, causing the moon to gain a deep violet glow to it, and sits on the cliff, thinking to himself about all of the adventures he has had in this dimension and the ones long ago. He hears a slight rustling in the bushes and trees around him, but doesn't turn his gaze to it, and simple says "I can hear you....." to whomever or whatever is watching him. Upon getting no response he says "This isn't funny!" before looking to the spot of the noise and seeing... (This is meant to be more open for new characters to be introduced, or for a new event to take place. You don't have to play your character(s) if you don't feel like it.)


I based the fighting style for him around (or in this case, imagine it as) many different techniques from some Dark souls series bosses, as well as the looks for some of his forms. In particular, the bosses below are the ones that I imagine his way of swordplay being like, he fights in a very refined style of swordsmanship when he's calm, but as he gets more and more enraged, he starts fighting in more unpredictable and beast/animal-like ways with more frenzied and wild swings.
WARNING, VIDEOS CONTAIN SPOILERS OF DARK SOULS BOSSES, AS WELL AS THOSE FROM OTHER GAME SERIES' AS WELL, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, Also, disregard the cutscenes and other things if any, just focus on how the bosses attack. The last one also showcases a power he has from other bosses that are not related to his sword fighting.

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Just for anyone who may care for some trivia about my character, Fil Vandren, I actually based his general appearance that I wanted for him off of Vayne Solidor from Final Fantasy 12. (The man in the picture below) and even used that picture as an old profile picture for his "human" form (The armor was also that of Fil's human form when I first created him, which was 6 years ago)

After a long amount of study and thought, Fil uses his powers to rend a tear in the dimension, walking through it straight into the lair of the demon Ana/Morticia talked about/hate/fear, and simply looks around with his weapon sheathed until he spots her and simply keeps staring at her until she notices him, all the while keeping his other senses keen on countering should someone attempt to surprise attack him (+Nikki B. +Tarvik I am simply doing this because I'm bored enough and think Fil should get a chance to legitimately fight/meet her, I also forgot her name, the demon who killed Ana/Morticia's parents or whatever...)

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