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{_Name:_} Wyk'Tar Stallin

{_Race:_} Human

{_Gender:_} Male

{_Sexuality:_} Straight

{_Mate/Spouse/Significant other:_} Refuses to say

{_Homeworld:_} Mandalore

{_Province/s:_} The Cularin Department of Quantum Physics and
Biochemistry, the Bounty Hunter Alliance, the GCDO (Galactic Combat Droid Organization)

{_City:_} Cato Neimoidia, Mandalore Capitol

{_Age:_} 38

{_Skills:_} Stallin is an experienced tactician, and a master gunslinger owing to his skills as a bounty hunter. He was also trained as a master thief, and in assassination and reconnaissance during his training in the Tabi'yr camps. Basic slicing  and demolition skills were required for several jobs he received, and consequently he is proficient with computers and demolitions. Stallin , aided by his friends Darros and Vaskuss, studied engineering, physics and biochemistry on Naboo, Tatooine, Mandalore, Dxun and Cularin to result in his efficient scientific skills. Owning a ship and a private droid army requires effective mending and designing skills, and therefore he is an able engineer and designer.

{_Languages_} Mando'a (main), Basic (main), Ortolan, Huttese, Sith, Smuggler's Cant (Stallin knows other languages well, but he is fluent in the mentioned six)

{_Allies:_}  About 220, excluding the Ag'gor Army and allied factions.

{_Enemies:_} Dar'Manda, the Jedi (depending), The Yuuzhan Vong, the Rebellion.

{_Rivals:_} Orley Vanicus

{_Likes:_} Loyalty, scientists, intelligent tacticians, warlords, tihaar, miscellaneous objects from Tabi'yr bases, credits

{_Dislikes:_} Cowardice, di'kuts, weak troops, insufficient payment

{_Appearance:_} Stallin is tall, lean and powerfully built as a result of his constant war training with Manda'lor Zenlav. Multiple battle scars run like canyons down his body, however only one is visible when he has full armour on (excluding the helmet): the small, deep scar on the side of his face. Stallin sports chestnut hair and emerald eyes.

{_Abilities:_} Stallin was trained as a powerful combat artist from his childhood onwards. He has an impressive amount of battle tactics and one-on-one combat strategies burned into his brain. Very much proficient with a hand blaster, rifle and other blaster-type ranged weapons, Stallin has proved to be an efficient bounty hunter and soldier, utilizing his tactics and blaster skills to gain upper hands in battle. He did not train in melee fighting until his time in the Tabi'yr, however proved very good with a sword. Although his skills with energy melee weapons like lightsabers or lightwhips are not nearly as advanced as Sith and Jedi, he is skilled with a shyarn and vibro-weapons.  Although Stallin prefers to go into straight-on battle with guns blazing and a good strategy and objective in his mind, he also has to go into stealth-mode in many missions. Trained in such abilities like assassination and pick-pocketing, he is extremely effective in undercover missions, using his sniping and stealth to swiftly reach the mission objective. In addition, his constant training and participation in battles has hardened Stallin into possessing strong physical features, and he physically more capable than most of his fellow soldiers, mercenaries and hunters.

{_Powers:_} Stallin recently discovered his Sangre-Ka'an power, and utilizes it only for good, under the mentorship of his commander, Lycanaeus. In the heat of battle, Sangre-Ka'an proves useful to him for absorbing the dead's spiritual power and consequently increasing his strength and capability in battle.

{_Weapons:_} A various assortment of good blasters and weapons prove vital to Stallin to successfully complete missions and survive battles. His main blasting weapons are his two WESTAR-34 blaster pistols and his pulse cannon. The WESTAR-34 blaster pistols are crafted from a light duranium alloy, similar to Jango Fett's, and prove formidable when utilized correctly. However, the capacity of both is small: they have a combined capacity of 40 bolts.
His pulse cannon is large and heavy, however makes up for its weight with its excellent blasting capability. Stallin's modified pulse cannon fires destructive blasts of plasma with a distinctive fiery blue colour. Each blast is capable of rendering a heavily armoured enemy/trooper into disintegrated shreds. Due to its heavy weight, Stallin uses it only when he has the upper hand and is not likely to be forced to flee battle.
His secondary blasters are a DC-17 hand blaster, a DE-10 blaster and a disruptor rifle. His DC-17 is a modified version of the original clone trooper blaster the Republic soldiers carried. It fires powerful blue bolts from a modified plasma cartridge for increased capacity and Stallin usually uses it as a back-up weapon. The same applies for his DE-10, except it is larger and modified so a scope fits on top with a larger viewing range. The scope is detachable and can be fitted onto his disruptor rifle, pulse cannon and his helmet. It contains light emitting cells that produce all frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum except heat. It produces radio waves to scramble frequencies and gamma rays to ward off pestering insects and plants. The DE-10 fires red bolts from a lightly modified cartridge which produces a more concentrated blast, however the capacity remains the same as the original.
Stallin's disruptor rifle is his most powerful ranged weapon, firing extremely destructive crimson bolts that disintegrate flesh and most armour down to the molecular level. It is heavily modified and possesses an improved barrel, cartridge, muzzle, scope (not as efficient as the one on the DE-10, but still detachable) and stock. The barrel was upgraded for better stability, power and a larger cartridge, and the muzzle and stock were improved upon to result in effective stability. The scope was upgraded for better sight, however is not as practical and powerful as the one on the DE-10, so Stallin detaches it and replaces it with the DE-10 scope when necessary. The cartridge holds power packs that bear both power-increasing systems and cooling systems. The cartridge produces bolts of a very high concentration that deal massive amounts of damage, but this process results in overheating. Therefore, Stallin installed a cooling system and uses small vents on the side of the barrel to condense air. The rifle is able to break through a starfighter's shields and overwhelm and overload the ship's systems, acting like an ion ray emitter. A power system fitted inside the barrel uses electrical discharges produced by the concentration-increasing system to power an electrical series circuit near the top of the barrel that can be activated by a concealed switch behind the scope which sets the rifle to automatic or semi-automatic. It also supplies the cooling system and improve the quality of the rifle overall.
Both his rifle and pulse cannon are strapped over his back along with a modified shyarn. A shyarn is a traditional Mandalorian melee weapon used by the Tabi'yr against the Council. Stallin discovered his inside the ruins of an old Tabi'yr base, and cleaned and modified it to suit his purposes. The shyarn bears an extremely sharp curved edge, similar to a sabre. Originally, the blade was not a vibro-weapon, however Stallin fitted a power system in the hilt which produces ultrasonic vibrations all along the length of the shyarn, effectively converting it into a vibro-blade to deal additional damage. The system can be turned on and off. In addition, the blade itself is crafted from beskar, a powerful Mandalorian iron, and enhanced with a cortosis-weave finish that proves resistant against lightsabers.

{_Armour/Gear:_} Stallin currently wears Mandalorian mercenary armour reinforced with beskar. The chestplate, helmet and other parts of the armour save the gauntlets consist of fresh beskar imported directly from Mandalore. The gauntlets themselves are not beskar, however are fitted with numerous devices that prove deadly in battle. First of all, they are fitted with a small vibro-shield that defends against most energy attacks. It can also be used as an offensive weapon, capable of rendering insufficiently-armoured opponents unconscious with a single punch. The armour is fitted with a cooling system and power system just the rifle which supports and assists the armour during battle, especially the gauntlets and the helmet. His left gauntlet possesses a wrist rocket launcher, capable of firing small missiles with destructive firepower and homing devices. His right gauntlets bears a hidden sheath which an electromagnetic spring locking system that is attached to nerve wires that conduct electrical impulses sent forward from the brain. With a thought, Stallin can activate the spring mechanism and a beskar-reinforced vibro-dagger slips out, useful in assassinations, recon and even in direct combat. With another thought, he can activate the locking mechanism to draw back the blade and prevent it from flopping out whenever he angled his gauntlet downwards. The sheath is programmed to accept only specific patterns of nerve impulses, so Stallin doesn't automatically activate the blade when he's devising a strategy. The spring system is also modified to deal extra power when asked to, so the vibro-blade can be launched right out of the gauntlet in a specific direction, point-first.
Stallin's helmet has protective outer beskar shell, covering the whole helmet except the distinctive T-shaped Mandalorian visor. Underneath the beskar, a series of interconnecting circuits run around the helmet, providing electrical support. The visor holds a program that displays an LCD screen, giving tactical feedback and views of the battlefield behind Stallin, using a hidden lens on the back of his helmet to view things going on behind him. The visor also emits a signal that can be used to remotely control his vehicles, and a powerful firewall against hacking attempts. The helmet circuits attached to the visor also control a Roamer-6 breath mask that can be activated to reach up from its storage compartment on Stallin's waist all the way to his helmet. The visor has a protective magnetic field layering and the rest of the helmet is water-proof.
Stallin's beskar shoulder pads hold three small ion repeater beam emitters that produce high concentrated beams of plasma. Stallin  usually uses it for soldering and quick repairs on his ship, however they prove very effective against enemy droids. Plus, the left gauntlet bears a grenade launcher under the wrist, which fires an array of grenades from the arm to a wide range. An electrical propelling mechanism launches the grenade to great heights at great speeds. The large storage facility for the grenades snakes around the body of the armour and uses water, electrical and combustion propulsion  to  move the stored grenades quickly to the launcher. Stallin keeps frag grenades, ion grenades, smoke grenades and poison grenades available to launch. The entire armour, along with the visor, vibro-blade mechanisms, wrist rocket cartridge and ion repeater beam emitter is attached to several cooling and power systems that replenish power, prevent overheating, manage the circuits and even temporarily mend and heal the armour.
Although Stallin's current armour is his latest and technically best, he still retains his old Tabi'yr trooper armour and Mandalore the Lesser's armour, which both are stood in his base on Cato Neimoidia.

{_Personality_} Stallin is normally quiet and secluded, residing in peace in his base, or meditating and training in private, or experimenting and working alone. However, when needed, his battle training allows him to be versatile, and he performs well in a team and gives orders quite effectively. When appropriate, he behaves jovially, and often visits pubs and bars with friends for a drop of tihaar. He appreciates great minds, and respects his superiors. Not known to be sarcastic too often (as he believes it's the lowest form of wit), and he prefers not to be cruel, arrogant and sadistic over matters. With trivial situations, he is nonchalant, however does listen intently to any issues he might be dealing with. Not always serious, he does joke around, and can even be romantic if the situation's best outcome demands it. Nevertheless, he is revered for his loyalty and his intelligence.
{_Faction/s:_} Owner of The Cularin Department of Quantum Physics and Biochemistry, the Bounty Hunter Alliance, the GCDO (Galactic Combat Droid Organization)

{_Rank:_} General, Secretary of Defense, Captain, Admiral, High Assassin, Master Thief

{_Vehicles:_} Stallin  owns three vehicles: the Thunder Kite (Orar
Gtedtenitr), Kyr'am Nidta and the Iron Juggernaut.
Orar Gtedtenitr is his main starship, and he built her using reinforced duranium, quadranium, permacrete and transparasteel. She is smaller version of the famed Millennium Falcon, and built more like a starfighter than a freighter. She bears two forward-facing ion cannons, four turbolaser cannons, proton torpedo launchers and ion repeater beam generators, along with 4.5 hyperdrive engine and moderate shielding. Stallin uses the Thunder Kite during space dogfights for the Empire and bounty missions. Stallin respects her immensely and knows she is not a ship to be trifled with. Immensely fast and agile, she is ideal for space battles, recon and swift transport.
Ky'ram Nidta is his personal speeder, and he designed it with the assistance of Craw'lem Vaskuss. It's main bulk consists of durasteel, vibranium and permacrete, with light shielding and two forward facing ion cannons. The repulsor-lift  is modified for extra lift and speed,  and the speeder is able to reach heights of six metres. The flanks hold missile launchers concealed behind panels operable using electrical circuit switches built into the control panel used for steering and motion. The Ky'ram Nidta is used for ground missions and recon, however Stallin sometimes brings the speeder into the heat of battle for some extra firepower.
The Iron Juggernaut is his pride and joy. The droid is a heavily modified, repaired machine originally belonging Chop'aa Notimo, before Galen Marek A.K.A Starkiller destroyed the Mandalorian's Basilisk on Bespin. Craw'lem Vaskuss found it and repaired it, and Stallin added some personal touches. It retains the original crimson look, however boasts a vast array of weapons, including added missile launchers, added turbolaser cannons, ion repeater beam generators, added shockwave generator rods and an increased ration capacity. Stallin often uses the Iron Juggernaut on space missions, and the droid is an unstoppable force on the battlefield, hence the name. Heavy shielding combined with beskar plating covers the droid, and the Juggernaut is highly likely to survive long after the rest of Stallin's army. 

{_Bio:_} When he was born in Mandalore to two warrior parents, Stallin was always fascinated with science and war throughout his childhood. He usually ignored the cultural traditions and arts that still ran through his Clan, and instead built his own lab with separate equipment for physics and chemistry and separate equipment for engineering and repair. In his late teens, he was already with a career in physics, and met his friend Craw'lem Vaskuss, who was intelligent for his age and had built several of his own modified versions of protocol droids already. Together, they developed a project which combined their skills to produce the galaxy's latest battle droid. However, before the droid was finished, Stallin was whisked away by the newly-formed Tabi'yr to aid in the war against the evil Kazpor Council. Recognised for his excellent battle skills taught by his fellow Mandalorians, the Tabi'yr recruited Stallin and trained him brutally for 12 years non-stop, with countless battles and missions squeezed in between. After 12 years of sheer physical and mental endurance, the final push destroyed the Council and supposedly freed the galaxy from its tyrannical regime. During that time, Stallin met the first love of his life and his close friend Rail Darros both. After she was tragically killed however, Stallin mourned with Rail and Craw'lem and retreated with the Phindian to his labs on Cularin. Eager to get away from war, Stallin developed his biochemistry skills on Cularin, finished the war droid with Vaskuss (the droid was dubbed as the first A1 War Droid of the A-Class combat droid series) and retained his original job as a theoretical cosmologist.
His peace was not to last long, however.
The True Galactic Mandalorian Empire had also noticed Stallin and his work on Cularin, so the Mandalorian Prime Minister recruited him and made him a captain. Pledging an oath of loyalty to the CIS and the Mandalorian Empire, Stallin temporarily left his physics courses and developed war droids and deadly battle serums for the war against the Umbra's hostile forces. With his Basilisk War Droids, A1 and A2 war droids and "borrowed" crates of Umbra's own haze virus, Stallin assisted the CIS in defeating the enemy, and went back to his labs on Cularin once more.
During that time, Stallin had made many friends and credits from his flourishing job as a bounty hunter, which he had actually started right after his time with the Tabi'yr. Managing five jobs at once, Stallin kept his resolve to fight for the Mandalorians and the Sith and the galaxy using his money and his scientific prowess. He had met many Sith at that time, and was present when the Sith Empire rose to power. Fighting in many wars and rising in the ranks, Stallin witnessed deaths and emotional breakthroughs occurring very rapidly. To cope with his latest responsibilities, he left his job as a bounty hunter and became a mercenary instead. In addition, he combined his physics and biochemistry projects into one scientific aim, which proved to be easier. Forming an army of droids, Stallin commands his private forces over an array of communications from Cato Neimoidia to Cularin to Mandalore.
Shortly during the time when he discovered his Sangre-Ka'an powers, he was made Admiral and General of Sith and Mandalorian forces. Stallin led the hordes of warriors and droids along with other great Mando and Sith commanders. He currently continues his duties and serves his Empires, continually experimenting with new viruses and biological entities while simultaneously training physically for battle and designing new droids and vehicles.
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Name: Commander Nightmare
Rank: SpecOps Commander
Race: Human/Clone
Gender: Male
Armor: Black SpecOps ARF trooper Armor
Allegiance: Galactic Republic,Grand Army of The Republic.

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Name: Rath Draken
Race: Cathar
Gender: Male
Rank: Jedi Master
Weapon: Yellow Lightsaber
Allegiance: The Galactic Republic, and The Jedi Order
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Name: Arkial
Rank: Jedi Knight
Race: Jawa
Gender: male
Age: Unknown
Height: 1.1m
Weapon: lightsabre (Highly Skilled)
Force Powers: Strong Lightning/Moderate Healing/Moderate Telekinesis/Moderate Mind Trick.

Bio: Arkial was the only one of his kind (Jawa) to become a Jedi. Arkial was born during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Arkial attended the Almas academy, a Jedi academy that was located on the planet Almas. While there he trained to become a Jedi Consular, a Jedi specialisation that focused on studying the mysteries of the force.

During the Clone wars Arkial undertook the Jedi Trials, which he passed and became a Jedi knight Shortly afterwards he was picked to officially represent the Jedi academy at a celebration being held on Dorumaa, the moon of Almas, organised in honour of a group of Freelance agents that had prevented the release of a Dangerous virus on the Caerite home world.

He then travelled to Endor to spend time on a self realisation and meditation period. However after a few years the Empire invaded Endor. The Empire discovered his ship and sabotaged it leaving him stranded with no way off.

He then met a Scout Trooper fleeing the Empire for personal reasons, called Zykes Xander (Trooper TK-55). He would have simply killed him and stole the ship he was planning on using to escape on but changed his mind when he sensed Zykes's hatred for Vader and the betrayal he had endured. So instead, feeling sorry for the Scout Trooper and realising that he could help the rebellion with his espionage and sabotage skills, along with the fact he was in full Trooper armour and could access most facilities unchallenged, he agreed to partner up with him as his companion.

Jedi Arkial was also responsible for finding Clone Commander "Foxy" 28112's body which Zykes Xander was responsible for restoring (Though he did betray him once, after being disabled by Jedi Carter White, he restored him once more and "Foxy" remains as loyal as "Foxy" can be to Arkial and Zykes)

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In the meditation room thinking about what the force had shown him Cryamn meditates and clears his mind. He then hear soft foot steps.
Shaak: Am I disturbing you?
Cryanm: no Aunt Shaak Ti. I sees the dark side around the chancellor.
Shaak Ti: have you told Master Yoda
Cryamn: that's why I'm here. If I tell Master Yoda and he himself do not see it
Shaak Ti: go to him
Cryamn: yes aunt Shaak Ti
Cryanm go to talk to yoda.
Yoda: see the dark side around the chancellor you do.
Cryamn: yes master what shall I do
Yoda: watch closely the chancellor we will. A powerful jedi you are becoming
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Name: Qui-Gon Jinn

Biographical Information
Home world: Unidentified Planet
Born: 92 BBY

Physical Information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.93 m
Mass: 88.5 kg
Hair Colour: Brown (Graying)
Eye Colour: Blue

Chronological and political information
Era(s): Rise of the Empire era
Affiliation: • Jedi Order
• Galactic Republic
Masters: Dooku
Apprentices: •Feemor
•Obi-Wan Kenobi
•Anakin Skywalker (Informal Jedi Padawan)
•Yoda (As Force ghost)

General Information
Bio: Qui-Gon Jinn was revered, yet maverick and uncovential Human male Jedi Master. He was the padwan to Count Dooku, and the mentor of Obi-Wan Kenobi and briefly Anakin Skywalker. Jinn often placed himself in conflict with the Jedi High council. He was deeply attunded to the living force, which contributed to him frequently taking side trips to help seemingly weak and useless life-forms. Despite his opposition to the council, he was regarded by many Jedi as sharp-Witted and possessing great wisdom.

Jinn served the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order his entire life, participating in the Stark Hyperspace war and actions against the Nebula Front, most famously during the Invasion of Naboom It was Jinn who discovered the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, on Tatooine during the crisis and was largely responsible for championing his training. 
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