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Name: Nikki Lea May
Nickname: F0XY
Gender: Female
Bio: Only has at least 5 friends, and A whole school of bullies. She wants revenge in a Deep way of YANDERE STYLE!
Killer type: YANDERE

Well she doesn't look like it but soon... 😏

I drew dis

age: ??????

Game to catch them: Hide and seek [ I could not think lol]

She's a total INSANE YANDERE!!!!!!!!!!

F0XY: Insane Laughter HERE COMES NIKKI!!!!!!
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Help I'm new and I don't know what to do? What is this based one? I'm sorry I just don't know!

Sunset picture by AreYouTrippin

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Name :david
Nickname : Mini Hulk
Age : 11 
Bio : is new here and is figuring everyone out and doesnt know what to think
Gender : male 
Game to catch : hide and seek (you will never find me)
Favorite song : "monster"


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((i know this community hasn't really had much attention so it kinda died....but im still posting trying to bring it back! X3))

Name: Isuniko
age: ???
bio: in the past,she was just a normal girl......but when IT happened...she got her giant cut near her eye and was driven insane "AnD Im NoT EXplAINiNg ExaCtlY WHaT HapPEneD"
gender: female
Game to catch them: hide and seek
favorite song: hide and seek

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Isuniko: in her run down village with nobody else in it looking at an old picture of herself when you see her from a far HOw DiD i LIvE LIke ThAt? ItS CrAZy!
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Name: Shinohara-Chun
Age: 15
Bio: She's not everyone's favorite,but she has a lot of guys falling for her and she's known as the school's slut,but yet has a deep..deep secret
Gender: Girl

So, I got the name from a story I was writing,... But it's a bit brutal in a way,....
I'll post a part here, random part:
I walked out and headed for the only table with a person sitting there, it was #13. I had decided to make him my friend today, so he could go on his mission. He sighed when I sat down, but I only started a conversation. “Hi,… Uh, how are you today?” He replied, “I’m fine,..” I asked, “How old are you? I’m 10,..” he sighed and said, “I’m 14, and fine, I’ll be your friend, just don’t bother me too, too much..”

You'll get a number when you make a profile, so, yeah,..
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